Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weird rule/customer services

Just a little story for you all!!
Matt has been waiting for an internet box since … 2 weeks ago. He was supposed to receive it last week before our arrival. Can you guess that he didn’t receive it? Well the reason he didn’t get it was that since he didn’t know his postal address (German one) he went online and search on the map. He saw that it was on N “G” Street. So he gave those guys this address. Ended up that we don’t live on North we live on SOUTH… Oh boy. One will assume that the “village” where we live is HUGE because you know South and North. Well no actually it isn’t! But the German post delivery guy I guess couldn’t find it. So it never came.

Oh wait it isn’t the post it is DHL! Dear dear DHL!!! Well anyway.
So last week (Before I arrive still) he called the internet provider company and they realized that they screwed up the North/South question! They said: “Das ist Nicht a Problem. Zue will rezeeve die box zoon.” OH YEAH!! RIGHT!!!
So yesterday I was at home since we were suppose to receive our unaccompanied luggage shipment. (and they were right we got it on that day… trust the American to deliver thing on the date it is suppose to be delivered.)
And the Post delivery guy from the german post office shows up at my door:“Sie haben eine postpaket!”
Me: “OH cool!! Danke”
Him: “Nein, sie haben eine postpaket im die agentur im die zity”
Me: “OH!! OK!!” big grin on my face “Danke”
Him: “Nein sie nuff nufff nufff blabalbala nuf nuf nuff, im die zity”
Me: “OH!! OK!!! Danke SCHON!” “Tchuss” “Danke schon”
Him: “Yah… Tchuss!!”
So if you speak half German like me, you will understand that we had a package waiting for us at the agency in the city office!! YA??
SO I call matt and tell him with my funny German/French accent. "Du aben eine paket im die agentur im die zity!!" LOL! So he laughs and say. ALRIGHT I’ll go pick it up during my lunch time.
He come home at night and we are ALL excited, we have been hacking our internet signal and it is a PAIN (even though I will always be thankful for the nice neighbor who let us do that) I was really really looking forward having internet access when I want even if it rain. (When the signal isn’t strong enough) so he come home with the box and starts right away to set up the box…. After 1 hour trying to read the German instructions... he gives up. “Can I use your phone!?” Oh if you must!! After 2 hours on the phone with multiple customer service person who are telling him, you need a password/id that we send you when you signed up… well no he actually need some technician to come and set up the box at home for us! WTH???
So my question is the following: Can you explain to me why on earth this company need to ship the internet box via DHL (probably make you pay for it) then… oh then they will send you a letter that will tell you when to expect the technician… and then you will have to wait for the guy to actually show up! WTH??? Are you insane? Why can’t the bloody tech guy show up with the box the same day and set it up. Just let us know we’ll be there waiting patiently and you will save money on DHL delivery fees? Can you explain to me what the logic in there is? I guess it must be because I am French, but I DON’T GET IT!
Anyone? Any ideas? Any logic that one French woman can understand? If you understand that… please PLEASE explain to me, cause I am lost and getting annoyed at that company, even though we are not using them yet! RRRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! My accent is getting thicker by the minute!! Darn rule maker weird German box delivery/tech/customer service people! No offense intended to any other nice German people!!! Just venting here!!

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Nelly said...

Even though TKS is more expensive you'Ve got it the same day you ordered it.

German Internet and phone IS annoying, that's why I told hubby that we'd take TKS instead even though the others ones are cheaper.

Seriously, if you can, get out of the contract and get phone, internet and TV in one package over at TKS.

Cancel it right away. It'll be cheaper in the long run.

Mom in High Heels said...

OMG, TKS is way better. The last time we were here, we had Telekom and would get the most outrageous bills, that were all in German. There is no way to dispute them. You pay what they tell you. Period. The customer service is horrible.
With TKS, we have phone, internet, cable (including the movie channel) for around 78 Euro a month with FREE calls to the US. If I call my neighbor, it's .29 cents, but if I call my mom, it's free. Weird, huh? I agree with Nelly, if you can, get out of that contract.

Anonymous said...

ARCOR is the best, no matter how long they make you wait. I had to wait two weeks before I could get my box, so regardless...i have thus found it worth the wait. I only pay 19 euros for unlimited cell phone, housephone, and internet. I get the first three months free and after that 19 euros, after a year it goes to the maximum of 25 euros, and no higher.BEAT THAT TKS! I've had TKS and even though they were fast. THEY SUCKED! They were rude, slow at fixing any problems, and you paid OUR YOUR ASS! 50$$ or more. Screw that! So once it comes, it will seem worth it....Money in your pocket! and amazing service.....This is why I GOT YOUR HUSBAND TO GET ARCOR when he asked my opinion. So you can blame me for turning him in that direction, LOL Hee hee. But trust me...its better than TKS. I know...and EVERYONE i know hates TKS. I did. I will never go back. And as for and asked. They ALWAYS transfer me to an english person who is very polite and takes care of what I need. TKS is GERMAN. Its TELECOM......SO its not an american company. Its a typical german company that is contracted with the army and overprices everything because we are stupid and desperate enough to get it the minute the army says so in their pamplets, LOL. ITS WORTH THE WAIT!

Anne Jambor said...

well it seem to me that I will have to wait and see.. since I am not going to go back to TKS and say. Oh give me that now. They might take 1 week for us to get the thing, so might as well wait for it to get here. beside we are suppose to go and get the letter or whatever it is coming in the mail post-office.DHL whatever it is! We will try to pick it up tomorrow and maybe with some luck it will be what we have been waiting for... otherwise. OH well!! Matt speak German so it isn't an issue for the german speaking/reading. And I have a few dictionnary so, I think we should be OK! But I do tend to agree with you "vesper" whatever is on base tend to be so OVERprice, I went to look for one of those basket on wheels that most Europeen have and the shop near the PX price were 79 or 98 are you INSANE? So I am waiting to get out of the base and get myself one.