Sunday, July 12, 2009

“If possible make an “Illegal” U-Turn as soon as you can!”

Matt is so sweet. I love a certain brand of cookie that you can only find in France. The “Figolu” cookies. It is kind of like the American “Fig Newton’s” but it just is MUCH MUCH better (Not because it is French, mind you , but because it is crispier) You’ll have to try it one day to agree with me (Cause of course you can ONLY agreed with me!) ;0)
Anyway, Matt tried to get to France to buy me some of “my” cookies before I arrived so that I would be super happy. I guess he doesn’t know that I am happy with him without my cookies! So he tried to get to France, couldn’t make it and decided to wait until we got there to do it as a little family trip. So on Rafael’s Birthday we left the base after 3pm to get to France before 7pm time that the store closes for the day! Well here is the little story of our adventure to France.
To order to get to France you need:
* A husband who claim to know his Germany geography, because (as he said himself) in Germany the roads are not marked like in the US with the direction of “North-South-East-West”. They only show the next town exit. So if you don’t know where you are going, you should actually know what big town is around the direction you are heading. Matt of course being a “Pro” in German Geography was set to get to our destination without any problems.
* A “British Accent Navigation System” who want to make you cross the Rhine via a Ferry Boat even though you specifically ask for no boat crossing. (I guess being English she doesn’t know how not to cross water on wheels, so indicate the same water crossing even after you reset the navigation etc…etc...)

* Third but of MOST importance: A French woman with a lot of patience (with her husband and the British chick who is trying to drawn us all) and a starving stomach. The reason being is that she can wait and wait until her husband is so frustrated with the “British” chick and then she can drop a “I am Starving can we stop at a gas Station?” and when her hubby take his baby boy to the bathroom, she can be sneaky and go buy a map of Germany and the neighborhood France, so that the group can actually make it to the destination before closing time.
So now that I have done that: I am now calling myself “The French Sneaky Patience Wife who is married to a German Geography Professor who is trying to follow a stupid English Chick who doesn’t know anything about direction in Germany.”
OK it is a little long for a title, but I couldn’t come up with anything else! Any ideas??
So, for the rest of the adventure in France. We did finally cross the border (thanks to my 9Euro map) and we did make in on time to a supermarket, not the one that we were heading for at the beginning, because it was too late to even go toward it when we cross the border. But we found a “Bigger and Better” store called “CORA” and we did get a LOT of cookies. In the matter of fact, we got so many boxes of those cookies that they weren’t any boxes left! 8, all together. Good thing that it isn’t too much either. So 8 boxes of my favorites cookie = 8 euro (well a little less, but I always round it to the highest number, cause it is easier to calculate the conversion)
Well after we got the cookies and all the extra stuff like the “Chocolate Éclair” that I have been dreaming for the past 2 years, and some French Bread (you know the real kind) we went to eat at the Store’s “cafeteria” even though Rafael wasn’t very happy about it, we FORCED him to come along and he ate with a big smile on his face! “Maman, food in France is good!”
Oh yeah baby it is Yummy!!

Here is also a little Detour that we took, because I saw it on the map! Had to make it Diane, I will have to go back and take the BIG sign, as it also said “BAD Steinbach” ;0)

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Mom in High Heels said...

So you guys are here in HD then? Are you on MTV or PHV? How are you enjoying our insane weather? You should email me! nols73 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I remember that story. Hilarious! Thanks for the awesome yummy cake! And we are still up for IKEA??? Maybe sometime this week. See you later!