Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Schwetzingen First Snow

I am having a love affair with the Schwetzingen castle ground
(mind you I NEVER visited the inside of the castle as yet! LOL) So when I saw this beautiful sunshine after our first “real” snow, I took my camera, put on my boots, drove to the parking and walked around for 2 hours. I LOVE this place. I Love it even better when I don’t have to share it with anyone. And for whatever reason, I guess the Germans don’t like to go out in the snow!! I LOVE it!!
I even was surprised by meeting a little girl that I know!! Of course she was just showing the garden to her Grandmother who came all the way from California to visit for the winter!! But it was fun to run into Shaunna and Aurora and their guest!!
I am pretty sure Shaunna took some amazing pictures are well!! Typical artist that she is, you can even go and see it yourself: Captivus: Winter in Germany
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Christmas Market Season is kicking in!! I really love this time of year.
Not for the Cold walk in crowded street, but just because it is an opportunity for me
to take some pictures. And eat Crepes! LOL
So we took the kids and went to discover Heidelberg Christmas Market. And while we drove there, it started to snow! Yep… So imagine, we are all bundled up, but it was not THAT cold when we left home, and… we left, with snow all over!! So cool!! (and cold)
Lucky Santa was in a HEATED cabin, waiting for the kids to come and sit on his laps! Just took a quick picture before he spotted me and put me on the VIP NAUGHTY List! LOL
Awwwww!!! Yummy Crepes!!! Look at those Nutella Jars on the fridge in the back!
Rafael ask for one! LOL He is such a European boy for that!Last picture I took while waiting for Matt to come back from his MANY Gluewein refill stops!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Speyer Pre-Christmas Market

Speyer is a beautiful town to walk around. I really like it.
I also LOVE the history and the building of the town. It is just amazing.
On a Sunday afternoon just before Thanksgiving we went out on our “weekly outing” to Speyer.
I will only speak a little about the pictures, because I thought they were kind of funny.
On the Christmas market you can find a Telephone to Call Santa (How cool is that?)
Even though is it still Fall, look at those gorgeous yellow leafs, you can see how the German are ready to celebrate the Christmas holiday season with all the decoration at their windows.
Coffee and Cake, what else do you need on a cold day?The deserted Christmas Market area
(one week later, and it will be impossible to walk without stepping on toes!)
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dilsberg on the Neckar Valley

We are trying our best to go around the Heidelberg area and to visit little town that you kind of know that they are there, but don’t know what is it all about! So one day we took our kids and decided to go to Dilsberg. The drive there was gorgeous, we had a beautiful Fall afternoon and the temperature were so nice. No need of coats or umbrella! What else do we need to ask right?
Dilsberg is a classical example of a dual-town -- the touristic part of town that it physically separate and draws hordes of people, and the really, really sleepy peaceful town that everybody ignores but whose residents seem very content. We went around the Walled city and were lucky that there weren’t HORDES of people, in the contrary. It was almost deserted (Which I LOVE)! ;-)Went to see the Burgruine (Castle Ruins) that sit on the highest ground.
It was a very nice afternoon with the kids, no car in sight.
Even found a future restaurant that Matt seem VERY interested into… I guess it could be a perfect place to do business!! But… I don’t think so! LOL
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Play

Today was a perfect time for some pictures taking.
Especially since the kids were in a fall cleanup mode! It was so funny.
All of the kids (under 10) in our neighborhood, decided to gather leafs into
a HUGE pile and then to jump in it!
Needless to say that it took a LONG time to get a pile high enough for the kids to jump from a picnic table into it without breaking their neck, but…
they made it and did enjoy a lot of jumping and laughing. You can see how much Rafael had fun!!
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