Friday, November 26, 2010

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Christmas Market Season is kicking in!! I really love this time of year.
Not for the Cold walk in crowded street, but just because it is an opportunity for me
to take some pictures. And eat Crepes! LOL
So we took the kids and went to discover Heidelberg Christmas Market. And while we drove there, it started to snow! Yep… So imagine, we are all bundled up, but it was not THAT cold when we left home, and… we left, with snow all over!! So cool!! (and cold)
Lucky Santa was in a HEATED cabin, waiting for the kids to come and sit on his laps! Just took a quick picture before he spotted me and put me on the VIP NAUGHTY List! LOL
Awwwww!!! Yummy Crepes!!! Look at those Nutella Jars on the fridge in the back!
Rafael ask for one! LOL He is such a European boy for that!Last picture I took while waiting for Matt to come back from his MANY Gluewein refill stops!
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