Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Schwetzingen in Fall

When my cousin’s visited, we also went to the Schwetzingen Castle Garden.
Beautiful garden, which I love cruising around.
So when I saw the pretty fall light, I couldn’t resist. Here are some more pictures of our little outing, of course you must be sick of seeing this landscape, but I don’t get tired of it!!
So… Anyway… Enjoy and if you don’t like it. Just… skip this blog!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cousin's Visit

My cousin’s came to visit with his Girlfriend. We had a good time. I showed them around the area. We visited one of their friend who has a winery near by, in Bad Dürkheim.
Marc (my cousin) wasn’t sure if he could find the place, but sure enough with a little googling, we found it! Drove there and arrive as the “Schnapps” was getting out of the distillery machine.
Just the Vapor will turn you drunk. It was hilarious! We got invited to lunch which was amazing. It was kind of interesting as the family don’t speak much French or English, so lots of translation at the dinner table. But Man, that Oma could cook! I need to go back and ask her for the recipe.
If you ever want to get some pretty good wine from the Moselle valley. Stop to their place and visit. I normally don’t like wine, but believe me… It was YUMMY!!

Then I took them to Heidelberg, we took Rafael and went to the castle.
And had a great time. I just LOVE this castle. Just so pretty!!
Another day we took them to Ladenburg. For those of you who have been to my previous post, you KNOW I love Ladenburg. It is one of my favorite town in the area, it is such a cute little town. : Anne's Blog: Ladenburg Cruising Everyone that ever went there, Love it!! Beside they have great restaurant and great history. Anne's Blog: Ladenburg
So needless to say that we went several time there BUT it was the first time that we took the way that we took.
We ended up accross from Ladenburg with a BIG river in between our car and the town...
so we were like: hmm!!! Oh OK!!!
But... a boat was coming up to take us across. And let me tell you. It was so cool!!
That boat was so old it still had the old system to drag the boat from one side of the river to the other side! See?? Just interesting he??

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick trip to Worms

We live about 40mn away from Worms.
It is a very cute town, and I love going there to take pictures.
It is a beautiful town full of history and tones of
architecture detail like I really enjoy on building!
Here is a few info on Luther
Luther and the Reformation
In 1517 the Augustinian monk Martin Luther mooted the nuisances of the Church,
when he posted his 95 theses to the doors of All Saints’ church in Wittenberg.
In the years following he published several writings which were perceived as heretical.
It these writings, he rejected the Church dogmas and practices that diverged from the Gospels.
At that he was excommunicated by Rome.Emperor Charles V summoned Luther in 1521 to the Diet of Worms to recant his theses.
He refused to do so, claiming nobody could not be confuted on the basis of the Bible.
Thereupon the Emperor outlawed him, which proved futile.
Frederick, the Elector of Saxony and Luther’s sovereign, shielded him.
A combination of theologic and Reformist claims and political interests eventually resulted in the Reformation. Luther’s ideas spread like wildfire. His conscientious decision had a tremendous and worldwide impact on both the religion and politics.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Motorcycle Show Mannheim

So one day Matt came up and told me that we could go to a “Motorcycle” show…
Oki-Doki, so we took our family to the event and… saw a lot of… Motorcycle stuff!!
Way.. Cool!! Yeah!!
I played with Morgane’s eyes via Photoshop, I know it doesn’t have ANYTHING related to the show…
But... Hey, I am not THAT much into Motorcycle!!
OH and BTW. We did found the PERFECT accessory for his sidecar, can you guess what it is??
I’ll let you know another day! LOL

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heidelberg Holiday Bazaar

The MWR in Heidelberg, host a Holiday Bazaar every years and the HCSC help out with all of its organization.
It is a BIG fundraising event for our little organization and is a HUGE success!
So I went around ours tents and took a few pictures of the vendor.
Just for all of future shopper out there.
Check it out, and get yourself in Heidelberg for the next one!
It is worse the trip AND it is for a good cause!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

HCSC Photography Group

Heidelberg Community and Spouse Club have numerous little groups that we can join.
One of them is the Photo-club. It is more like an “online” group as we talk on Facebook and share pictures. But we sometime, meet-up for some Photo-shoot.
Kim is the “Leader” of the group and is amazing with photo taking,
she is incredible and is truly gifted with ANYTHING Photography related!
One word come to my head when I think of her: SICK, she is just SICK!
You can follow her on her Blog here