Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladenburg Cruising

I know you must be pretty tired aboutme taking trip to Ladenburg. But it is such a pretty town (and only 20 mns from where we are) that I try to go there as often as I can. Here are a few pics that I took while visiting it with Vidhu (Miss Charm's niece)
AND I was able to finally made it "Protestant" church. I have been there several time and it was the first time that I found it open! I was SO happy!!!

One of the thing that I love about this town, is that building that were built in this century do not look out of place next to the old Timber houses. The residents have been able to maintain somekind of balance with the architecture.

Miss Vidhu in the "Catholic" church.
I love the refelctions that the sun made with the colors of the windows.
And as usual September is a great time to visit any town in the area. All the flowers are still blooming and the colors are just gorgeous!!

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