Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haguenau HCSC Day-Tripper

I have joined a club. The Heidelberg Community and Spouse Club. And belonging to the club also made me part of different small group. One is the "Daytripper" a small group that go to different towns and visit or shop or visit... or shop some more! LOL
So when I saw that every year in Haguenau they had a "Braderie" which is a HUGE market with lots of differents types of goods. I thought it could be perfect for the group. So after talking it over we decided to go.
We were lucky enough to not have any rain. But it was a little chili (well, what do we need to expect for Fall)
It was funny because the Market area wasn't too crowded, and the town on its own, was not at all! So we enjoyed shopping but visiting the town of Haguenau, and it was fun to go out with those ladies.


Anonymous said...

Look at you posting all these posts...IT'S ABOUT TIME! Breathtaking pictures as always ;-)

Anne said...

I know right!!! I am on a row baby!! LOL (I figured out that I could start all the old post and then figure out what I want to do with the rest of the this year! LOL Too much to do, too little time!