Monday, January 9, 2012

One for 30 Information

I was nicely asked to put a little something about a friend of mine. So here it is:
Go to her Blog and you will find a LOT of cool stuff, she is a very creative Photographer (should I even say that she take after me, even though we are not related?) Not being over confident here!! (Hey, one can always dream that one will inspire someone else in the beauty of photography)!
Anyway, she is also a writer and can't seem to put her keyboard out of reach. Seem like she tell the world that she will stop blogging/writing/Facebooking for a while, and after 5mn, she start all over again with a Better Blog!! So... If you need Inspiration, A smile on your face, or just out of pure Boredom, just head to her blog and check it out. I am sure you won't regret it!!

Find your prop and get ready to stretch your photography-mind!
One for 30 Challenge. Starting in February over at
Click Mist and Lilies: One for 30 for more information!

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