Sunday, July 24, 2011

I heart Faces, Water Photo Challenge

I have seen this button in many other photographer blog, and I decided to try to get my brain working into some challenge. So my first entry will be the "Water" challenge and I can only think of ONE pictures that I love so much of Miss Morgane.
We were visiting my mother and the kids were playing outside in the garden with the "Water Clown" (you know the one that has a hat that goes up and down with the pressure of the water jet) well anyway, she was getting cold and I thought it would be a cute picture, so I asked her to look at me, and VOILA!!! Doesn't she look like a little fairy that she is??
Oh and just for the fun of it, I am putting up this little video of the "sea" that was sang LONG time ago by Charles Trenet (Singer Poet) I love that song!! Oh and I thought the pictures were kinda cool too!!

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