Friday, January 21, 2011

Heidelberg Walk

Jennifer is a brand new teacher for the High School here. And it was the last day that we could have lunch date with her. So we went to Heidelberg and had a very nice lunch at a local restaurant. We walk to the little restaurant “Bier Brezel” on the Haupstrasse and sat down for some soup and flatbread pizza.
It was delicious, and they had a neat décor too! Anyway, I had my camera so… guess what?? I took some pictures!! ;-)
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rothenburg ob der Taubus

Finally we took the kids there. They loved it! Rafael was SO happy, he just had his New Nintendo and he could take pictures with it too! So… Needless to say that instead of one photographer in our family we had two! LOL
I had a very fun and pleasant meeting with a German gentleman. I was taking a picture for a project that I am doing, and he saw me and started talking to me (in German obviously) and I explained to him that I am French and that my German is “nicht gut”, I told him to wait and got Damien to call his dad to the rescue. By the time Matt arrive, the guy turn to me and said in perfect French: “How amazing it is to have people realize that it is the little details that make the big pictures of a beautiful town!” Matt and I were just amazed, he then said in German that he uses to be able to speak French better (we were like: What do you mean better?) LOL!!! We had a nice talk with him about Architecture and History of towns, and….
Then we went on our merry way! But it was fun!!It was a little cold, but not too much so we went and got some goodies at a local coffee shop, Hot chocolate, and enjoy the sunset there.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Colmar with friends

Colmar is a very beautiful town to cruise in! I took my friend and fellow photographer Jenn and her family there one day, and we went around and… took some pictures (obviously) Aren't they cute??

The décor from the Christmas season were still in place, but… not the busy street (which I love) Morgane came with us as well and it was a fun day with good laughing time. Jenn’s husband and daughter are giving her lots of teasing because of pictures that she takes,
and pointed at a waterspout for her to take picture of! AH!!! See how funny he is! (LOL)

Needless to say that he was miserable with not only one but two photographer taking pictures of everything and nothing! LOL
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Thin Tower Heidelberg

One of my many remorse about thing in my life is sometime not having enough time to spend with friends. I love being around nice people that enjoy the same things in life that I do, and that make me smile. I felt pretty bad for Alan, because he was often home alone. Since Miss Charm is working like a nutcracker, he can only enjoy his big sister’s company after work. So… I one day volunteer to take him around. First we stopped at Rafael’s Award ceremony, and then we went for Lunch with Miss Charm (close to her work so that she wouldn’t have to lose precious time driving around) and then we drove to the “Thin Tower” area. Overlooking Heidelberg, and just took a few minutes to shoot some pictures. Of course, I had to get back home because Rafael was coming home from school, but… We did have a good time, shooting and being silly!!! Hope next time he come in town I will have more time to drive him around and show him all those cool place that I didn’t have time to show him!
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Year Celebration

New Year Eve celebration was amazing this year. We went to Miss Charm’s apartment because we knew that will have the BEST place to be to admire the Firework display. We had a very nice dinner and then we enjoyed a quiet evening talking with such nice people. Then of course when we saw that Midnight was heading our way, we stepped outside to look at the display!!! And WHAOHHHH. The only thing that is missing from the pictures are the sounds, not just the Firework display sound, but the bells of the church sound. Every church in town rang!! It was so cool!!!We weren’t expecting THAT much of a show. We weren’t disappointed!! If you ever want to go to Downtown Heidelberg, make sure that you drive VERY VERY slowly when you are heading home after the fireworks, because those Germans are CRAZY nuts. Getting Fireworks in the street, even when cars are driving on that street or coming toward them.
I thought that we would for sure have our own space shuttle with the number of dudes that were trying to shoot us down (or up for that matter)!
Anyway…. Happy New year!! (even if it a little late!) LOL
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