Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am sure some of you are wondering how my cleaning is going, well …
Not so good!
I have tried, and I won’t show pictures since there isn’t a lot of moving going on. I did empty part of my CDs collection that we haven’t used since forever, so at least one full “pillow” box which was full or half full of empty game boxes, is now completely full with game boxes and other CDs that I put in. So this is one step closer to the emptiness of my office.
However, the rest isn’t going too well.
I do have excuses (I am very good at finding excuses, you shall see if it is worse or not) 2 weeks ago when I put up that entry, I didn’t know that I would have an interview a few days later that ended up in with me being hire. So I am now proud employee of a local Nursing home where I am the “PT Assistant Director of Activities” but I am not proud to say that I haven’t done what I was wanted to do before the end of the month. There is always something coming up. I am part time, but I still work 3 days a week, and some weekends and holiday, since Nursing home is after all 24/7/352 so I haven’t been home in a while. I guess you could have guessed that since I haven’t posted for a while.
Anyway… so that is my excuse and believe me I am disappointed with myself. I guess my next day off will see me trying to keep up with the house chores and the organization of my office, and maybe a little sleep. I have forgotten how sleepy one gets by being on one’s feet all day! ;-) But I am happy. I love working with people, and if you really ignore the “urine” smell that you have in the morning. It is pretty fun. I think I am going to like it. I don’t know how difficult it is going to be for me when Matt is half way around the globe, but… I guess there are plenty of women who deal with being the “single” mother, so I am well not: prepare, but aware of the difficulty. I was looking for a seasonal job for at least helping with the Xmas shopping and to be able to give my husband a nice gift from ME and not from the money that he make, so I am looking forward receiving my first pay check, it won’t be too much since I just started last week, but it should be enough to pay for some gift. WHOHOO!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organization etc...

So I am in the process of cleaning up and I found some articles that I thought were very interesting and that I will use the main idea to clean up my office and then.. the rest of the house but right now... one step at a time, one step per day! And hopefully I will get the office done by the 21st.

you can also go on to : and have tips for every aspect of your life!
Very interesting as well. Great tips and you can even dowload or listen to interview with expert.
Love it!!
Go check it out, you might fall in love and find cool stuff that might help you!

More later when I get something done tomorrow or at least I hope I will. ;-)
I hate it when there is a holiday in the week, cause it screw up my entire week, now I don't have 2 weeks of organizing my office I have not even 10 days!! Yacks!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shame Shame Shame!!!

So yesterday I went down in the “CAVE” as I call it, my basement. My kids use it for their “playroom” but I also have an office with a brain new computer in. I haven’t even used it 10 times yet and it has been in the office for over 2 month now! SHAME!!

I took all my courage then because I have all my scrapbook supplies there, my beading supplies, my craft supplies, my painting supplies and of course my office crap! Anyway… I went down and I started assessing the damages. OH BOY!!! Diane, you know it, you’ve been down there, so it won’t be a surprise to you at looking at the pictures, and YES I did take pictures because she told me so!! Diane told me to do it and post it and then I won’t have any other excuse but to show the work in progress right? AH!! Work in progress it has been since we moved in!! 2003!! SHAME!!

For those of you who have ever seen “Clean House” well I think I NEED clean house to come… Mind you this is one of the only room that look so bad, but still… I AM ASHAMED!!
So here it is those SHAMEFUL pictures of my office. And I am going to clean it, no clean house, no 10 people’s team to come and help… just me and myself! L I told myself, I HAVE to clean it because if we do end up moving like they say all the way in Germany I have to not have that much stuff to take with me, mind you I WILL take most of my supplies, just for the fact that if I am stuck in Europe where the supplies are so expensive I will have to have stuff to feel creative… I will have to have supplies that I don’t feel like I am being ripped off my head to pay for; beside it is already paid for so it isn’t like I will spend money right. I have been good lately, no spending on scrapbooking since …. Gosh.. I think it was before the summer! Even when I go to the scrapbooking store to crop, I don’t buy (well I did have to buy some adhesive but it was because I run out)

So here, I hope I will be able to do it within the next crop which is the 21st of November. I will have everything that I want to keep in the room and the rest will be or given away to a school, craft supplies that is, and all the other goodies, will go to friends or on or to goodwill. I think I can do it.. NO I HAVE to do it!!

From France

Well the election have passed, and since I am a French citizen and I can’t vote so it doesn’t really matter who I would or wouldn’t have voted for, I thought I would put some cartoon that I found online on the French web!! I’ll translate for those of you who don’t understand French.

"Obama, Obama, I am for Obama!
"So you are for a black president?" ... "oui, oui, oui..."
"...In America"
"With Obama, America is Communist, the russian evade Europe and the Gay have the right to abortion"
"My God, so like with Mitterrand here?!"
"Obama is going to be elected Mr President."

Then the Prince Charming woke up the beautiful America that a terrible sorcerer had bewitched for 8 years

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and Germanglishizm

My friend Connie came over the weekend. It was so much fun. First I met Alec; he was just a little hope bump in his mother’s tummy when I last saw him! Now he is an almost 4 years old boy (in a few day) and very happy little boy.

I should mention that this is the first Halloween ever that I wasn’t wearing a winter coat, and believe me it was SO NICE! We went Trick or Treat together, we went to my friend Melody’s neighborhood in Coralville (cause we expected that since the houses down there were bigger the treat will be bigger too!!) Didn’t work like our logic, but who care, we had fun we did a 2 hours Treating chase. Or should I say monsters chase and we then got home had Pizza and were so worn out we went to bed by 10.

On Saturday we went to Kalona were we had the chance to have a guide who knew what he was talking about so it was very nice. We then went to the Bakery and the Cheese factory were we enjoyed a sandwich (our boys ate some cinnamon rolls as large as their head) and some

cheese curds for the mother at the end of the day! We talked and talked and talked some more and we went to bed early too!! But since we changed our time to the winter hour we were able to sleep in.

Connie left on Sunday around 10.30 I hope she had a nice drive back, I hope I can see her next year before we leave for Germany, but no matter what

since she is from Germany I know we will see each other within the next 2 years.

Something funny that you might not know about me. I can’t stand the German language, I think it is something that I have been carrying since my high school time from my dear German teacher (who couldn’t stand me and vice verse) and since that I have a very nagging sensitive issue with the language! Not so the German, cause we have a few GOOD friend originally from Germany or

still living there and we love them as much as any of our other friends.

Anyway, so since we are suppose to be going down in that

beautiful bark sounded language country, I thought I needed to refresh my skills. So Matt got me on the Rosetta Stone language web access that the military offer to the soldier and family.

So far 3 test in less than 30mn and a 99% score!! Whoohoo... I don’t suck that much, Now I can say that the black cat is under the airplane (don’t ask me why that stupid cat is under that plane, cause I sure am asking the same question!) ;-)

Morgane was making fun of my accent because it sound funny she said! OH YEAH I am going to be the worse German speaking person ever, I will probably end up doing some Germanglishizm cause I were putting ING at the end of the verbs. Matt was laughing at me too just for that!! Like for example: "Die Schwartze Katz ist Schlefening!" (try to understand that one and let me know if you got it!)

I knew I should I married an Italian guy; at least he would have spoken in a beautiful language when telling me that he loves me not “Ich Liebe Dich”! RAH!!! Hate it!!! But oh well, “Ich Liebe Dich auch” my hubby who love the German language. So hopefully by the time we arrive in 6 months, my german will be a bit better! As long as I can as where the bathroom is, I should be OK right? ;-)