Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organization etc...

So I am in the process of cleaning up and I found some articles that I thought were very interesting and that I will use the main idea to clean up my office and then.. the rest of the house but right now... one step at a time, one step per day! And hopefully I will get the office done by the 21st.

you can also go on to : and have tips for every aspect of your life!
Very interesting as well. Great tips and you can even dowload or listen to interview with expert.
Love it!!
Go check it out, you might fall in love and find cool stuff that might help you!

More later when I get something done tomorrow or at least I hope I will. ;-)
I hate it when there is a holiday in the week, cause it screw up my entire week, now I don't have 2 weeks of organizing my office I have not even 10 days!! Yacks!!!


CCW said...

Hello there! Thanks for commenting on my blog! So you guys are on your way to Germany too huh? Looks like it will be one great adventure!!

Andrea said...

I hope the purging goes well! I don't envy you, but you will be so happy when you are done!