Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and Germanglishizm

My friend Connie came over the weekend. It was so much fun. First I met Alec; he was just a little hope bump in his mother’s tummy when I last saw him! Now he is an almost 4 years old boy (in a few day) and very happy little boy.

I should mention that this is the first Halloween ever that I wasn’t wearing a winter coat, and believe me it was SO NICE! We went Trick or Treat together, we went to my friend Melody’s neighborhood in Coralville (cause we expected that since the houses down there were bigger the treat will be bigger too!!) Didn’t work like our logic, but who care, we had fun we did a 2 hours Treating chase. Or should I say monsters chase and we then got home had Pizza and were so worn out we went to bed by 10.

On Saturday we went to Kalona were we had the chance to have a guide who knew what he was talking about so it was very nice. We then went to the Bakery and the Cheese factory were we enjoyed a sandwich (our boys ate some cinnamon rolls as large as their head) and some

cheese curds for the mother at the end of the day! We talked and talked and talked some more and we went to bed early too!! But since we changed our time to the winter hour we were able to sleep in.

Connie left on Sunday around 10.30 I hope she had a nice drive back, I hope I can see her next year before we leave for Germany, but no matter what

since she is from Germany I know we will see each other within the next 2 years.

Something funny that you might not know about me. I can’t stand the German language, I think it is something that I have been carrying since my high school time from my dear German teacher (who couldn’t stand me and vice verse) and since that I have a very nagging sensitive issue with the language! Not so the German, cause we have a few GOOD friend originally from Germany or

still living there and we love them as much as any of our other friends.

Anyway, so since we are suppose to be going down in that

beautiful bark sounded language country, I thought I needed to refresh my skills. So Matt got me on the Rosetta Stone language web access that the military offer to the soldier and family.

So far 3 test in less than 30mn and a 99% score!! Whoohoo... I don’t suck that much, Now I can say that the black cat is under the airplane (don’t ask me why that stupid cat is under that plane, cause I sure am asking the same question!) ;-)

Morgane was making fun of my accent because it sound funny she said! OH YEAH I am going to be the worse German speaking person ever, I will probably end up doing some Germanglishizm cause I were putting ING at the end of the verbs. Matt was laughing at me too just for that!! Like for example: "Die Schwartze Katz ist Schlefening!" (try to understand that one and let me know if you got it!)

I knew I should I married an Italian guy; at least he would have spoken in a beautiful language when telling me that he loves me not “Ich Liebe Dich”! RAH!!! Hate it!!! But oh well, “Ich Liebe Dich auch” my hubby who love the German language. So hopefully by the time we arrive in 6 months, my german will be a bit better! As long as I can as where the bathroom is, I should be OK right? ;-)


C N Heidelberg said...

Hee hee! I don't think German sounds that bad. It's prettier than English, anyway! :)

Diane said...

your halloween sounds like a lot of fun, glad you had a good time with your friend.
I agree, even though I am a STeinbach, that the german language is a bit harsh, but i admire your ability to learn languages, I can hardly speak english!

Anonymous said...

LOL, you're so cute and funny! I cant wait to get to Heidelberg either. I am German. My family is German. Many of them speak Germany and some still live in Germany, but I don't know German, except for "no", "girl" and thats about it. LOL. Maybe when I get there I can meet some of my family who might live near by. We'll get there in February!

Andrea said...

Cute! Is it "The black cat is.....sleeping?". I am picking up things here and there-and at least I can shop ;).

I think it's funny to see the 20-letter words (or towns) and try to pronounce them. Yikes!!

MelodyRose said...

Yes, Amen! I always wanted to marry a sexy italian man as well! I even took italian in college at u of I hoping to meet that sexy italian or greek God someday...but no, I fall in love with a bosnian. Don't like their language much probably cause I don't know what they hell they are saying. But I admit, it does sounds rather sexy when Edin sings to me in bosnian.