Friday, November 7, 2008

Shame Shame Shame!!!

So yesterday I went down in the “CAVE” as I call it, my basement. My kids use it for their “playroom” but I also have an office with a brain new computer in. I haven’t even used it 10 times yet and it has been in the office for over 2 month now! SHAME!!

I took all my courage then because I have all my scrapbook supplies there, my beading supplies, my craft supplies, my painting supplies and of course my office crap! Anyway… I went down and I started assessing the damages. OH BOY!!! Diane, you know it, you’ve been down there, so it won’t be a surprise to you at looking at the pictures, and YES I did take pictures because she told me so!! Diane told me to do it and post it and then I won’t have any other excuse but to show the work in progress right? AH!! Work in progress it has been since we moved in!! 2003!! SHAME!!

For those of you who have ever seen “Clean House” well I think I NEED clean house to come… Mind you this is one of the only room that look so bad, but still… I AM ASHAMED!!
So here it is those SHAMEFUL pictures of my office. And I am going to clean it, no clean house, no 10 people’s team to come and help… just me and myself! L I told myself, I HAVE to clean it because if we do end up moving like they say all the way in Germany I have to not have that much stuff to take with me, mind you I WILL take most of my supplies, just for the fact that if I am stuck in Europe where the supplies are so expensive I will have to have stuff to feel creative… I will have to have supplies that I don’t feel like I am being ripped off my head to pay for; beside it is already paid for so it isn’t like I will spend money right. I have been good lately, no spending on scrapbooking since …. Gosh.. I think it was before the summer! Even when I go to the scrapbooking store to crop, I don’t buy (well I did have to buy some adhesive but it was because I run out)

So here, I hope I will be able to do it within the next crop which is the 21st of November. I will have everything that I want to keep in the room and the rest will be or given away to a school, craft supplies that is, and all the other goodies, will go to friends or on or to goodwill. I think I can do it.. NO I HAVE to do it!!


Diane said...

Wow. Good Luck. lol.... You can do it, just take it one box at a time....

Andrea said... in Germany! :) Good luck to you!

BTW-we still have stuff in our storage room (a room full of govt issued wardrobes in a spare bedroom) that we wanted to get rid of before we moved here. My goal is to get rid of it before the next move.

Moving can be good for cleansing out the house of unwanted items, but increases your insanity! :)