Friday, August 14, 2009

Fire in PHV Follow up!

Well here is a link of an article that I found about the fire in the back of our building.

I never saw anything else since, and believe me I tried to find out if they were talking about that “Frantic woman” crying Fire (that would be me if you didn’t know).
This pictures is a little old, but... other than the trash on the ground, it STILL look like that from my dinning room window! Lovely he?

And no, I didn’t find anything about her or the fire. We did saw a TV crew coming in the backyard early this week, so I also try to find it on the AFN network. NOTHING so far… I guess they still don’t know what the heck happen that caused it!
I sure would like to know, and not just because it is something to blog about. I’d rather know if I need to move out of those building before my stuff arrive than being caught in a fire because something is wrong with the wire.
SO I guess more follow-up later! ;-)

Bomb in Heidelberg

Some of you might have heard about it, but since it was to me a little fun in the moroseness of waiting for our car to arrive. So here it is:
On Monday the 10th of August I opened my email at 10pm and got an email telling us to keep away from the shopping area of Heidelberg. Reason was: A 500lb bomb had been found nearby.
Just think you are just doing your shopping when suddenly MP and Guard get everyone out and tell you to go home because a bomb has been found (Sandra (Head over hills) told me that they did not apparently mention that it was a WWII bomb) so I can only imagine the scares that those people got! Luckily I was home and didn’t hear about it until much much later.
However I thought it was worse giving a little story to my follower: so here.

I just found that on:

I then mention to the kids that between Nazi bombs and US doggie land mine here in our backyard we should just lock ourselves in our apartment and never come out. At least we should be safe right?
WRONG was I told: Fire could get us!!
DARN IT!! Nowhere is safe!

Trip to France/Versailles & Paris

On Thursday the 30th or Friday the 31st (I don’t really remember) I was talking to my friend Shaunna about what she was planning for her Weekend. She mentioned that she was thinking of accompanying her neighbors Scott and Kendra to Paris.
Me: “You are so lucky; I would go in a heartbeat if I could!”
She then said: “Why don’t you come, that would be fun!”
Me: “I can’t just invite myself!”
Her: “Let me ask if you can come!”
Sure enough after talking to Scott and Kendra and it was OK we talked about getting a hotel and all... and off we were planning our little stay there!
(I do need to mention that I have the BEST husband who loves me so very much, because that little trip was on our anniversary WE and he just told me: “Go and have fun!” I love him so much!!)
So on Saturday they picked me up and off we went direction “La France!!”
We were planning to go to Paris on Saturday afternoon then drive to Versailles for our hotel and the Sunday go visit the castle. Well as we are driving on the “Périphérique” in Paris, it was starting to rain. So change of plan: We’ll do Versailles first and then Paris the next day.
Drove to Versailles, checked in and by the time we walked to the Castle it was not too sunny, but not raining. So we went to walk around the garden (the French on mind you!) ;-)

We walked the same path as the last king of France walked. Where Wars, Peace & Romance started or ended. I just love the history of some place, and Versailles Castle is so much part of the French History, it just talks to me.
Here are some pictures:

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Look at those stones… Imagine the number of people that walked on those for centuries. If Stones, Walls, Building could talk, can you imagine what they will tell us? I always wonder about that... I know I am such a weirdo!

After a nice evening and a restful night at the hotel, we left for Paris.
Popped on the “Red buses” and went around the major monument in Paris.
Again here are some pictures of some of those monuments. Shaunna (being her silly self) and of our nice Chauffeurs: Kendra + BiB (Baby in Belly as my sister in law will say) and Scott.
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We left at the end of the afternoon, got home almost at 11pm. A long WE full of cool stuff to enjoy and great company.

Thanks guys to let me come with you. Where is the next place we are off too? ;-)

Over the Neckar River

One day looking at a map of Heidelberg I found a little sign that show a “view”. So one evening Matt, Rafael and I went to see if the view was worse the little dot sign from the map.
First we went up hill, I was driving and Matt was saying: “Are you sure it isn’t a one way street?”

(on the picture above the little park is located where the old dude is sitting on a bench looking over the city! Can you see him?)

On top of the hill they had a gate that blocked the street so we parked; we then disagreed on how to turn the wheels of the car when you park your car on a hill. Of course we disagreed for about 5mn. (Pissed me off: Like I don’t bloody know how to drive and park in Europe? HELLO French person here!)
So then we started to climb the rest of the street to see the view. Here it is!
Worse it? OH YEAH!! Gorgeous!! Oh yeah and they have a nice little garden area, so more pictures!
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So then after we went around and took pictures we went to visit Sandra and her husband Quasi. Sandra is my fellow blogger from head over heels or: She is a very nice funny German chicka who just got married to her better half.
Matt was very happy to be able to visit the “Command Center” (sorry you will have to visit her blog to know what I am talking about)
So we are so far very happy to have met only nice people!
So far so good!

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Neckar River Cruise & Fireworks

One of Matt’s old coworker from WI (Dawn Johnson) is stationed here in Heidelberg and work in Mainheim. One day she stopped by our house when she was walking her dog (it is a gorgeous WHITE german shepper)
I love spontaneous visits. I really do. It is like opening your gift on Xmas morning, just a nice feeling to me!
Anyway. We chatted and she was saying that her daughter was suppose to come on the weekend and that she had cruise tickets to go on a Neckar firework display of 4 castle up the river! Then she mentions that her daughter couldn’t make it and offered us the tickets. :0? OMG, we were like??? No way??? Needless to say that we jump on the occasion and we went on a date on the river!
So the next evening. We left Damien babysitting the smaller kids, and went to find our boat.
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It was a cruise organized by the Association for Wounded Soldier. Only American soldiers & family. Very nice and friendly. 
Here are some pictures taken during the ride up to the castles area. And also some of the fireworks
Enjoy! We sure did!
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Where is Ausfahrt Germany?

For those of you who have drove on the Autobahn in Germany, you will probably know what I am talking about, but for the other one out there here is a little funny story for you!
When we moved in Germany in 1998, we didn’t have GPS. We used the old “Michelin” map that you would have bought at the first gas station. Well when one drive on the Autobahn (Germany Interstate) you need to pay attention on all those signs. You will get a direction “Frankfurt/Mainheim/Stuttgart/Karhule” and then the number of the road. Well if you are going to a small town, you really need to know your road and take the first Ausfahrt after you see the name of the town on a sign.
Ausfahrt mean Exit. Like in the States we have Exit number 240 and then the direction of what the exit road will take you. Here you have a sign with direction and a few yard later a big sign that say AUSFAHRT. If you missed your “Ausfahrt” you need to continue to the next one and then turn around and get to your right “Ausfahrt” Needless to say that you see a lot of those signs. Well one before each Exit… so lots and lots! ;-)
Foreign people, who don’t know what Ausfahrt is, tend to ask themselves. Where is that Ausfahrt?
We found a Tshirt at the PX that says “Where is Ausfahrt Germany?”
Do you think we are going to buy it?
OH hell yeah!! ;-)
Oh and no matter what you do, you will not find in on google map! However if you google the term: "Where the heck is Ausfhart Germany?" you will have lots of answer! ;-)

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Game night @ Shaunna

A few days ago (or is it weeks already?) Shaunna (my blogger friend from invited us to come for a game night. Now I haven’t played games with adults since… well… forever, so I was not really looking forward that evening. Needless to say that I was wrong in my little head of pre-assumption ideas of what a game night was.

We had so much fun. Even my boys started playing.

We played Charade Disney. It was Hilarious (especially when those manly soldier husband of ours were trying to mime “woman/female/girl”, you should have seen the way they were moving their booties) ;-)
Of course the main fun for the kids was to play on the Wii, since we don’t have one. Morgane played Danced Revolution with 2 growing men. ;-) Check out those pics. Even Zed was participating next to them shaking his bootie.
Next time we’ll try to do it here. Of course it is going to take time since we don’t have furniture or Games to play with!

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Anyway. Thank Shaunna, Zed and Aurora to invite us to an evening of fun!

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Tolerance & Gossip

As I get older (and mind you I am not that old), I come to reflect on life a little more!
(Doesn’t it sound like I am 100 years old?)
I come to think of what values I should teach my children for them to be prepared for life, and for when they leave the nest.
My mother pride herself to make sure that my brother and I would be Tolerant, Patient and Diplomat with others. That no matter what happen to us, we will learn from our past experience (bad or good) and make sure that our future will be better because of what we have learned from those.
She made sure that no matter if we agreed or disagreed with other people at school, in a family setting, in a social setting we will always respect and treat everyone equally. Just because they are Human being.
So I from all the teaching and values that my mother gave me, I concocted my own result. And it is that I always try to find what is the best that I can take from any situation and try to teach my own kids of what I learn from that situation. Of what I think is important to keep from my learning. We always end up having discussion that some people might not have with their kids. But I believe that they need to be prepare, and that they need to understand that there is consequences for every actions that one take.
When a situation arise, I always do research, I love finding Quotes from the “Wise one” of our planet and discuss them with Matt or with my kids. I love to see what they will understand from a sentence, from someone. I believe that we can all learn from others. From book or even from just talking to people about their experience and what their opinions. Because no matter what, I believe I don’t know ANYTHING at all. I know some. But not all. Every person is different and is rich because of that difference. No matter that they don’t act the same way as you do. No matter they don’t believe the same as you do. No matter they don’t go to the same church or social group that you belong to.
If you are open minded you will one day, become the wise one!
Here are a few of my favorite quotes, in no particular orders. I leave the thinking to my readers and hopefully it might touch you and make you think, and then you will become a better person: Knowledge is POWER!
“What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth” Jewish Proverb
“The Easiest way to keep a secret, is without help.” Unknown
“Whoever Gossip to you, WILL gossip about you.” Spanish Proverb
I personnaly love what Buddha teach us, so here are a few:
“All wrong doing arises because of mind. If mind are transformed can wrong doing remain?”
“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, UNLESS it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”
My mother use to say a quote that stayed with me still now. It is a Chinese Proverb and I believe in it with all my being.
“Treat your friend as a person who may someday become your enemy, and your enemy as a person who may become your friend.”
To me it taught me to treat people with Respect no matter if I have affinities with them at the moment or not. To not judge people because they are different from me, or because they don’t believe the same things that I believe in. Who am I to judge other, just because they are different? Even the bible tells us to respect our neighbor like you will respect yourself.
“Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”
If we are to try to follow the wise men. Then shouldn’t we just be tolerant about others. No matter what they did in their life, shouldn’t they be entitle to live as they choose and to think what they want. And who are we to make comment or judgment about other.
I believe that the only person you are entitle to judge is yourself! Do you believe that you are entitle and deserving of more love and attention than other people around you.
Another one of my favorite quotes:
“The tongue like a sharp knife… KILL without drawing blood!” Buddha
So what I hope my kids learn from this situation is that if you are respectful, tolerant and not judgmental toward others. Because if they are not, they will NEVER be a better person.

Last but not least: “Great and Miraculous things happen when people come together with an intention to create hope and opportunity” Oprah

My question to you is: Can't we just get along?

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