Friday, August 14, 2009

Game night @ Shaunna

A few days ago (or is it weeks already?) Shaunna (my blogger friend from invited us to come for a game night. Now I haven’t played games with adults since… well… forever, so I was not really looking forward that evening. Needless to say that I was wrong in my little head of pre-assumption ideas of what a game night was.

We had so much fun. Even my boys started playing.

We played Charade Disney. It was Hilarious (especially when those manly soldier husband of ours were trying to mime “woman/female/girl”, you should have seen the way they were moving their booties) ;-)
Of course the main fun for the kids was to play on the Wii, since we don’t have one. Morgane played Danced Revolution with 2 growing men. ;-) Check out those pics. Even Zed was participating next to them shaking his bootie.
Next time we’ll try to do it here. Of course it is going to take time since we don’t have furniture or Games to play with!

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Anyway. Thank Shaunna, Zed and Aurora to invite us to an evening of fun!

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