Friday, August 14, 2009

Bomb in Heidelberg

Some of you might have heard about it, but since it was to me a little fun in the moroseness of waiting for our car to arrive. So here it is:
On Monday the 10th of August I opened my email at 10pm and got an email telling us to keep away from the shopping area of Heidelberg. Reason was: A 500lb bomb had been found nearby.
Just think you are just doing your shopping when suddenly MP and Guard get everyone out and tell you to go home because a bomb has been found (Sandra (Head over hills) told me that they did not apparently mention that it was a WWII bomb) so I can only imagine the scares that those people got! Luckily I was home and didn’t hear about it until much much later.
However I thought it was worse giving a little story to my follower: so here.

I just found that on:

I then mention to the kids that between Nazi bombs and US doggie land mine here in our backyard we should just lock ourselves in our apartment and never come out. At least we should be safe right?
WRONG was I told: Fire could get us!!
DARN IT!! Nowhere is safe!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I told Zed about that news he immediately said, "Shaunna, don't you DARE go to the PX, you hear me? You're a mother now, so you have to stop acting stupid!" I guess he knew that I wanted to go "check it out" the minute I heard. When I flew off the skateboarding ramp at the MTV skate park a couple months ago (damaging my back), he told me that my dare-devil days are over. Jerk.

Nelly said...

Oh yeah, they didn't say that it was WWII Bomb. Some people were freaking out and turned the whole thing into a terrorist attack. I myself called my mom "Mom, can I bring Yukon and stay with you guys for a little while, it's getting a little hot over here."

And when we got the call about the Viernheim bombing we all completely freaked out because my two friends are married to MP's and they should know what's going on, right?

WRONG! Oh my god. I was calling god and the world to find out what is going on and was like "If there is a bombing on post in Viernheim we have to leave NOW! Pack your dogs, important stuff we are driving to my parents place. LOL

Oh the fun and the drama, it never stops... at least it never gets boring.