Friday, August 14, 2009

Where is Ausfahrt Germany?

For those of you who have drove on the Autobahn in Germany, you will probably know what I am talking about, but for the other one out there here is a little funny story for you!
When we moved in Germany in 1998, we didn’t have GPS. We used the old “Michelin” map that you would have bought at the first gas station. Well when one drive on the Autobahn (Germany Interstate) you need to pay attention on all those signs. You will get a direction “Frankfurt/Mainheim/Stuttgart/Karhule” and then the number of the road. Well if you are going to a small town, you really need to know your road and take the first Ausfahrt after you see the name of the town on a sign.
Ausfahrt mean Exit. Like in the States we have Exit number 240 and then the direction of what the exit road will take you. Here you have a sign with direction and a few yard later a big sign that say AUSFAHRT. If you missed your “Ausfahrt” you need to continue to the next one and then turn around and get to your right “Ausfahrt” Needless to say that you see a lot of those signs. Well one before each Exit… so lots and lots! ;-)
Foreign people, who don’t know what Ausfahrt is, tend to ask themselves. Where is that Ausfahrt?
We found a Tshirt at the PX that says “Where is Ausfahrt Germany?”
Do you think we are going to buy it?
OH hell yeah!! ;-)
Oh and no matter what you do, you will not find in on google map! However if you google the term: "Where the heck is Ausfhart Germany?" you will have lots of answer! ;-)

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C N Heidelberg said...

haha, that happened to my inlaws!! They thought Ausfahrt was a really big place since there kept being signs for it.

ron laisle said...

Where the heck is N.Liberty, Iowa? Why that's just up the road from me. I live at the Vet's Home in Marshalltown. I got to your blog looking up the "town" of Ausfahrt, Germany. I was seeing it constantly on a tractor trailer driving simulation game (Euro Truck 2)on line. The hard part is learning what all the switches and buttons do and what keys on the keyboard make them work. Well, that and staying in your own lane so you aren't squishing those tiny cars! Small world isn't it.
Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!