Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baden Baden Christmas market

Baden Baden is a very pretty town to cruise in. Spring, summer, fall and even winter under a foot of fresh snow, it is just so pretty. You won’t like the snow filled street if you don’t like snow, but… I found it that it is one of my favorite cities in the area. It is a little … Snob, for my taste, but… I am sure it is to the liking of some people’s wallet (not mine though, LOL) "Some people like meat pie, well when you don't have anything else, just eat snow pie"
It took us a LONG time to arrive, probably because it was the LAST weekend of the Christmas Market, and that people were merry and enjoying their family. It was a Christmas wonderland all around. The going around with the car SUCKED, but.. Once we were on our feet walking around it was just fun. So many opportunities for cool pictures. We even got the chance to go to the “Bath house” and get some much needed warmth!!"Morgane tried her best to stay all bundled up and warm, but it didn't work that well!"

We took Miss Charm and her visiting little brother Alan, and we had a good time. Making him taste the local "delicious" food (Bratwurst) and the so delicious Gluhwein (and HOT chocolate)
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Michelstadt Christmas Market

Awww, let me talk to you about Michelstadt. I have heard about this little town since we arrived in Germany. And people have told me to go there several times. I knew of a pretty impressive Easter Market, but also that the Christmas Market was a MUST to go too! So… guess what?? Well we went! LOL"All the cute smokers decoration (I really need to start collecting those)"

"Even Free mouthful of snow"
And, it didn’t disappoint us a bit. It was so cool, well first we went with good friends, so… what else do one have to ask for? But they had some Yummy snacks and of course the eternal Gluhwein with lots of different shot of liquor. The guys had a blessed time!! And it was a good thing that I was driving too he?

Anyway, here is a little adventure to the Michelstadt Market. Snow, snowball fight with Miss Charm’s window (remember Larry?) and lot of warm beverage!!And a very needed WARM Charming Sandwich!!!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bad Wimpfen Search of Christmas Market

The Neckar River valley has a lot of wonderful little towns and castles, but few sights along the way compare with the ridge-top town of Bad Wimpfen. We took our self out on a search to the Christmas market of Bad Wimpfen and were very impressed by its city wall still intact, and sporting a very medieval appearance. It was a very interesting day, as we didn’t expect THAT much snow on the ground (or at least we were hoping for street that would have been somewhat cleanup!) We were amazed of the fact that shovels don’t seem to be working that good in Germany, I mean, we used to live in NE and IA, and if you don’t clean your sidewalk or driveway,
you get somebody complaining about it. And the funny part to me is that Germans are supposed to be very… picky about their surroundings. Their yard are clean, the street in front of their house is cleaned (well at least in summer time).
I guess that when it snow it is another story! But... It was fun walking in the snow covered street, with no cars running around. We were kind of wondering about it, since we were supposed to be coming for the Market, and discovered that the market ended the weekend prior to our visit! AH!! That’s typical us! Showing up 1 week late for something! Well, it was OK, we enjoyed cruising around the town, snowballs fight and discovering beautiful views and buildings!! Just way too cool!!!
A definitely “Must go back” on our list for this next year season!
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