Friday, August 14, 2009

Fire in PHV Follow up!

Well here is a link of an article that I found about the fire in the back of our building.

I never saw anything else since, and believe me I tried to find out if they were talking about that “Frantic woman” crying Fire (that would be me if you didn’t know).
This pictures is a little old, but... other than the trash on the ground, it STILL look like that from my dinning room window! Lovely he?

And no, I didn’t find anything about her or the fire. We did saw a TV crew coming in the backyard early this week, so I also try to find it on the AFN network. NOTHING so far… I guess they still don’t know what the heck happen that caused it!
I sure would like to know, and not just because it is something to blog about. I’d rather know if I need to move out of those building before my stuff arrive than being caught in a fire because something is wrong with the wire.
SO I guess more follow-up later! ;-)

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