Monday, September 7, 2009

Little trip to Houat

My family has been vacationing in Houat since “forever”. My mother and father met on the Island in 1967 (or something like that) and the rest is history. My father’s last wishes were that his ashes were spread in the water around Houat, which we did. So as you can see this Island has a special place in our heart.
My Father’s Aunt has a house on the Island and uses it for her vacation as well as leaves it for her kids to use. And sometime offer it to my mother. Which she did this year. Needless to say that when my mother told me about it, I was excited to go with my own family. Matt being TDY couldn’t come, but I took the kids and went.
Here are some pictures of the Island that I took while there, but also below a little something about it.

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Houat pronounced like “what” mean Little Duck in Breton. The Island was better known as Enez Houad in Britton. Houat lives on fishing and tourism. Its population grows from 340 inhabitants to about 3000 visitors a day during the summer. One of the things that Houat is known for: is the calm and peace on it. There are only a few vehicles on the Island. One small bus goes from the port area to the camping, and back. And only a few other car travel to deliver the supplies to the stores. But if you think that you will be able to take a taxi to your hotel, think again. The Shuttle might get you there, but this is the only way of transportation. Well not counting your legs walking or biking.
The Island is covered with Dunes that are now protected, and passages for the “tourist” can be found around the Island for people to enjoy a stroll. The Flora is remarkable and rare. (You can find some of them on this website: (In French)
By seeing the pictures you will probably know why we love this island. If you ever want to spend a peaceful and enjoy the sun, the sand and the quiet of a nice vacation time with your family or on your own, check out this Island. And if you are not a “camping” person, you can find lots of rental houses online. Just check it out. It is just LOVELY

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Great pictures. Looks like a neat place.

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