Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adventure of finding a restaurant on a Sunday evening that is still open in Stuttgart!!

So today after a few hours moving boxes, bed and other crap around. We decided to take off (a little late I will agree) to somewhere … Where was the question. So I popped on the computer quickly and found out that Stuttgart has a “mall” or so they say... Alright then, let’s go I said.
Off we go, found it soon enough (Only one hour away from home, so not too too far) and went in. A MALL?? WTH! No way OK so it is a PX with some store around! But it sure isn’t a MALL! I picture a MALL as TONES of stores. And of course… they do have different kind, but not that much and they are ALL bloody closed WTH! Jeeeesh and I thought since it was on base it wouldn’t be touch by the Sunday no work day like in Germany and most of the rest of Europe work! Sigh!!
We went inside the PX (which thankfully was still open for another hour) and I found some cute shoes and Morgane too, Damien got a pair of Jeans and Rafael got some Ammo for his Foam gun! LOL...
Then out we go, Matt is STARVING. So I ask the cashier if he knows of any place where we can sit and eat around there on base if possible. A nice couple said: “Sure go to the next barracks and you’ll get a “Tex-Mex” restaurant.”
All right!! Whohoo!! Tex-Mex!!
We put on the GPS Kelley Barrack and off we go. Only 10mn away. We arrive at our destination. Found the place and found out they don’t serve on Sunday except some bunch of Hamburger and other crap while watching the NFL! NO thank you Matt says. So out we go. I pick up a little directory of what is in Stuttgart area. Found another place to eat on another Barrack Clash Barrack or something like that.
Arrived at our destination AGAIN. And ooops… It is closed on Sunday! OH NO WAY!!!
Our dinner ended up being a bag of chips for each of us (you know the snack size) with a small bottle of our choice of drink. Oh and the kids had a Pop Tart for desert! AH!! Very Haute Cuisine right??
Well anyway. Wanted to share our little Adventure trip with you. And also did found something to share pictures wise. A little piece of the Berlin Wall was near the Tex-Mex place so... I took a picture of it.


Anonymous said...

LOL awesome. Good thing I said no to your invite to tag along, LOL. jk. I would have loved to see what was left of the Berlin Wall. Pretty as ever!

Diane said...

neat to see the berlin wall huh? cool

Andrea said...

Tex-Mex? What happened to schnittzels and speatzels? Miss you guys like crazy!