Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hitscherhof 09

So this past Sunday we went to the Hitscherhof as we planned.
We drove the back way. No Autobahn, which was very pretty. I drove with our friend Peggy and Matt was guiding us (driving like a nut as usual) ;-)
We arrive there at about Noon, and already the parking was crazy. I remember the last time that we went to the Hitscherhof we parked not too far from the farm and they had artisan/artist selling their craft in the big barn. Well it has gotten SO big that now you have to park about 1km away and they have people selling stuff outside of the barn.
We went to find our friend Karen because we had some little items for her, and introduce her to Peggy. We tchated and Matt went in the LONG line to get some Flammkuchen. And I stayed with Karen tchating. We saw lots and lots of American, which I guess is a good thing for the people selling. I don’t even know how Karen knew which language to speak. She jumped from German to English like it was out of style! She just Amaze me!!
We went around. Matt took the kids through the Corn Maze, I stayed with Peggy and we went to see the vendors. I found some cool stuff, but since I am NOT set up at home, I only bought a little something for one of Damien’s teacher for her Xmas gift! (yeah I know I am early, but I saw it, and thought of her)
I forced the kids to pose in the Pumpkin, and after saying goodbye to Karen we left. This little trip took us over 6 hours of our day. Pretty quick, he?
Anyway… here are the pictures of our outing. Hope you enjoy them!

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