Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am sure some of you are wondering how my cleaning is going, well …
Not so good!
I have tried, and I won’t show pictures since there isn’t a lot of moving going on. I did empty part of my CDs collection that we haven’t used since forever, so at least one full “pillow” box which was full or half full of empty game boxes, is now completely full with game boxes and other CDs that I put in. So this is one step closer to the emptiness of my office.
However, the rest isn’t going too well.
I do have excuses (I am very good at finding excuses, you shall see if it is worse or not) 2 weeks ago when I put up that entry, I didn’t know that I would have an interview a few days later that ended up in with me being hire. So I am now proud employee of a local Nursing home where I am the “PT Assistant Director of Activities” but I am not proud to say that I haven’t done what I was wanted to do before the end of the month. There is always something coming up. I am part time, but I still work 3 days a week, and some weekends and holiday, since Nursing home is after all 24/7/352 so I haven’t been home in a while. I guess you could have guessed that since I haven’t posted for a while.
Anyway… so that is my excuse and believe me I am disappointed with myself. I guess my next day off will see me trying to keep up with the house chores and the organization of my office, and maybe a little sleep. I have forgotten how sleepy one gets by being on one’s feet all day! ;-) But I am happy. I love working with people, and if you really ignore the “urine” smell that you have in the morning. It is pretty fun. I think I am going to like it. I don’t know how difficult it is going to be for me when Matt is half way around the globe, but… I guess there are plenty of women who deal with being the “single” mother, so I am well not: prepare, but aware of the difficulty. I was looking for a seasonal job for at least helping with the Xmas shopping and to be able to give my husband a nice gift from ME and not from the money that he make, so I am looking forward receiving my first pay check, it won’t be too much since I just started last week, but it should be enough to pay for some gift. WHOHOO!!!


♥ Shaunna said...

Cleaning my house hasnt been that easy. Its been tiring and nonstop! Finally things are looking clean and tiddy.

Andrea said...

Keep plowing along with the sorting...whatever you manage to will be so happy that you did :) Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

P.S. I did some contract work at a nursing home one year. The people can be very sweet, and you know that they need fun people during the holidays.