Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dilsberg on the Neckar Valley

We are trying our best to go around the Heidelberg area and to visit little town that you kind of know that they are there, but don’t know what is it all about! So one day we took our kids and decided to go to Dilsberg. The drive there was gorgeous, we had a beautiful Fall afternoon and the temperature were so nice. No need of coats or umbrella! What else do we need to ask right?
Dilsberg is a classical example of a dual-town -- the touristic part of town that it physically separate and draws hordes of people, and the really, really sleepy peaceful town that everybody ignores but whose residents seem very content. We went around the Walled city and were lucky that there weren’t HORDES of people, in the contrary. It was almost deserted (Which I LOVE)! ;-)Went to see the Burgruine (Castle Ruins) that sit on the highest ground.
It was a very nice afternoon with the kids, no car in sight.
Even found a future restaurant that Matt seem VERY interested into… I guess it could be a perfect place to do business!! But… I don’t think so! LOL
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