Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday June 27th.

27 days ago, Matt got his OK from Heidelberg! (About time) with Orders in hands he got home and prepared himself to stay and help to prepare for the move!
A few days later we got an email saying that the household shipment for his type of orders weren’t to exceed 1000lb (AH!! Oh yeah, you can count on that buddy!!) (By the by, the plan for those of you who might not know is that since the orders weren’t going to sponsors the kids and I, we were going to end up paying for us to fly over there, and for our van to be shipped over there as well!) Needless to say that I almost BROKE down (and when I break down, it isn’t me, it could be word flying at the wall or Matt for that matter instead of plates!)
After a lot of email/phone call (Sobbing, heartbeat racing up and HB pressure going Berserk) we got the “amendment” saying that they would ship the ENTIRE household good (well 14000lb at least) but no car! CRAP!!! Oh well, at least I don’t have to part with my “Crap” booking supply! (That was a close one) ;0)
Matt report date was the 15th of June in Heidelberg Germany! On the 13th I was to have a Garage Sale to try to thin down the weight of household crap (yeah I need a thin down on myself, but no time for that right now!) and on the 14th Matt was suppose to fly from CDI. Needless to say that with the ARMY we came to the conclusion that we are just to be patient, after all the ARMY is made of Human and Error do get made (sometime) ;0) Well on Friday the 12th Matt got a call from Travel agency SATO and they say: “Well we can’t confirm the ticket cause you are missing this “???” number that authorize you to fly on Government money!”
OMG!!! You gotta be kidding me (WHAT?? Do you want us to pay for that one too?)
To tell you the truth, I really was thinking to myself ( I doubt I told Matt that, but then, I did lose recollection of the events) “Well then, it is a sign, we shouldn’t be going anywhere. First they don’t want to pay for the stuff to be shipped, then for us to be shipped, then what else could happen!”
Going back to my story (sorry about the carrying away here) Matt couldn’t leave on the 14th, so he stayed home waiting for those code number/authorizing him to come! On Wednesday the 17th for once in a long time, I slept a little longer. I get downstairs and Matt has a HUGE smile on his face!!
Me: “..Morning!”
Matt: “We got the authorization!”
Me: “hmmm!!! Yawning!! That’s good!!”
Matt: “I’ll call SATO travel!”
Me: “hmm!! OK!! (Where is my coke, need caffeine!!?)
I get to the basement to check my mail on the computer Still HALF asleep! Matt follows me some minutes after!
Matt: “Do you think I can make it for the 4pm flight?”
Me: “Don’t know, are you ready? (Still in the fog here)”
Smarty Army pants Matt: “Always” (you know military <<>>
Me: “then I guess you can do that!”
Matt to the phone: “Ok then you can go ahead!!”
OMG!!! What the… was I thinking?? (Oh, wait I wasn’t thinking cause I was STILL in the FOG of dreamland!!)
Then he got the ticket and the Trauma Drama started!! Need this and that!!
Matt: “I need to get the battery out of the bike, and the oil and gasoline, so that they can ship it with no issue!”
Me: “Why don’t you take it to airport for a last spine, get your luggage check out and this way you will have less gasoline in it to get out!” (Doesn’t it sound logical?) WTH?? Did I actually say that?? Again, What was I thinking? (Did I mention it is by then 11am and that his plane leave at 4pm?)
So off he goes on his “Baby” to drop of his luggage and a few gallons of gasoline! Well by the time he is back, he only has 45mn before he need to be at the airport to pass the security and stay there just for the purpose of waiting for the plane to arrive. (Did I mention that the airport is about 20mn away (and that is driving like a French woman who is dropping off her husband to get his flight on time?) OH OH!! And the bike hasn’t been taken care of!!
So the question of the day is: Do you think the bike got the battery, the oil and the gasoline taken out before Matt left??
Answer: You’ll have to read the other post following that one to order to know! He He!!
So off we go to the airport!! Mad French woman driving up the road with load of kids and a husband happy as can be (the husband that is!)
Dropped off the “happy as can be” Husband who even though is sad to let us go, or should I say go, he is still deep down happy as can be, ready for the “be all that you can be” motto and with a big smile on his face! He looked so excited for whatever reason!
I, on the other hand, felt the pressure starting building up as I was driving back home.
OH and…. To Do List started appearing in the corner of my brain.

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