Saturday, July 11, 2009

military sanity for wifes? Where??

I really really understand now about the fact that military marriage tend to end up in the ditch!
COME ONE!! How can one blame a woman for escaping the stress of moving every couple of years while her husband is MIA, and she still has to deal with the kids, the cat, the dog and the movers! OH OH!! And KEEPING her sanity!
Sorry, I am now totally INSANE, yes it is OFFICIAL! Now that will also probably give me the excuse to stay with my husband, since I do also love him to pieces.
But to be honest, I did think of giving another address to the mover while they were packing everything in those huge crates. “Can you ship that with a detour on the way?? Like same continent, but not the same country??”
This happen on Tuesday afternoon, after 1 ½ days of repeating myself to those very nice packing staff very… knowledgeable in the packing services, but less knowledgeable in the “remember what is not coming pile area! Every other 5 minutes I had some: “Ma’m, did you say that you were wanted us to pack those?” “Ma’m, are those Sofas staying?” “Ma’m do you need to take all the silverwares?”
Hmmmm!!! Let me think!!! Yes, yes and YES! “Open your ears and register, everything is going, except for the pile that I told you weren’t going, yes I do need silverwares, because I am moving to Germany, not the beginning of time, and Germans do eat with forks not with hands and fingers. Talking about fingers do you want me to start showing you a sign language that is international?”
YES, I do need my basket, my craft supply, my scrapbooking supply, because my husband even thought I don’t really like him much right now, want me to continue to love him, and to do that I need my time doing things that I really enjoy and that de stress me! And to order for me to be a happy, loving wife, I do need all the CRAP that you are supposed to pack!
THANK YOU!! SO much!!!!
Well those guys left on Wednesday, and I will tell you that no matter what crap they put me through, they rock at packing. It only took them 2 ½ days to pack and it would have probably taken me, 5 years to do it! So now the house is EMPTY, and it starts to sink in…
In a few days we will be in Germany!! WHOHOOH

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Anonymous said...

Be careful about crappy on the military! There are certain people who take offense and might report you to their housing commander!!! LOL. Love your writing!