Sunday, July 12, 2009

My “French derriere” is hurting:

So now that the movers are gone. We needed to get to Chicago to rent the car, so off I drop off my kids at my friend Esther’s farm! (Thank you Esther) and I drive with my mother to Chicago. We took the back road because she doesn’t really care for the Interstates countryside view!
We arrive in Chicago, went to thrifty rent a car and went to the hotel with the 2 cars. Slept there and came back. I am driving ahead of my mother in the rental car and I see her flashing the van’s light!?? Hmm what is going on?? I stop.
Mutti (my mother): “I am yawning, I need to sleep!”
Me: “What?? Are you kidding, we need to get home so that we can get the house cleaned up and go tomorrow.”
Mutti (my mother): “I am telling you that when I yawn, I fall asleep on the wheels, so it is either me sleeping now for 15mn or me crashing your van in the ditch!”
Ok then, we will let Grandma rest! ;0) so off I go to the Fareway and get some fruit and some Diet (got to have my bubbles) 15mn I am out and she is ready to go, I give her some of my grocery and off we go!
We get to Esther just in time for me to hug her before she is running late to Dylan’s music lesson. Thank you Esther, love you, miss you already!!
We go home and start cleaning up; my “cleaning lady” (Melissa with Helping Hands in North Liberty IA) came in the afternoon and cleaned the carpet and the floors. OMG, she rocks! I was, OMG we don’t even have much to do no more!! Whoohoo!
My other friend Melissa started the kitchen, OMG she rock too!! Thanks girls!!
SO by the next day in early afternoon we were ready to go, the house was as clean as it could be. Mutti and I were both sick and tired to have our hand in a perpetual nastiness, so we just gave up. Thank you to Melissa (my friend) again because she finished up the last touches!!
So we left. On our way to St Louis, MO to drop off the van in front of the “Shipping/Transportation/whatever you call that place”. We were kind of excited as we were going to spend the 4th of July in St Louis, and you know they have the entire cool firework there! ;0)
Well I will go back to the 2 days in St Louis in a later post but the title of my post was to share with you our trip detail.
Friday, left North Liberty, IA to go to St Louis, MO. hotel
Saturday St Louis, MO to Pontoon Beach IL (about 1 hour drive) van drop off
Sunday St Louis, MO to Chicago, IL Mutti is leaving the States on Monday afternoon, so we need to drive her back
Monday Chicago IL to Troy, IL after dropping off Mutti, we drove back to St Louis (area) to be able to give the paperwork to the transportation/shipping office
Tuesday Pontoon Beach: Went to Transportation/Shipping.” Is your car clean?”
“How clean do you need it to be?”
“In and out clean!” OK then, off we go! Clean it! Check!!!
Return to Transportation office: “How much gas do you have left?”
“Oh I don’t know about 70miles left! “
“Mister so and so, can you see how much gas this lady has?” Too much, go take a ride around the block for about 30mn and come back! The little thingee need to be below the 1/8 of the tank!
OK then, now I am FUMMING!!! Going around the block 30miles West, 10miles south, 20miles East, 10miles north.
“Here are the papers I need to have: 8 copy of your orders… this and that!”
Me:” You also need this paper and that papers don’t you?”
“NO, those papers are only needed when you ship a car on your own!”
Me:”well yes it is what we are doing, if you read the orders it doesn’t give us the authorization to ship any car!”
“Well you could have said that before!”
Me: “???” (EXCUSE ME)
Off she goes out of her beloved chair and called someone.
“Follow that lady”
Go in the office of a very happy smilee lady! She already has Matt’s file, ID copy etc… Call me Anne and explain to me the entire thing that they are going to do with the van!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LADY!! We chit chat with each other while filling up all the paperwork. She send me to the “inspection” and then “you will be done”
HMOKAY!! Thank you so much!!!
Inspection. They are taking the van and make me sign my life away. Hopefully it won’t sink in the ocean on the way here!
Tuesday afternoon: off we go back to Chicago to catch our plane on Wednesday!! ALMOST THERE!!!
Wednesday: plane to Germany arriving on THURSDAY!!
OH!! Did I mention that my French Derrière is hurting because of too much sitting! AH!
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