Thursday, July 16, 2009


OMG!!! My heart is ready to explode; my lungs are ready to burst out!!
I was just typing along this evening, in a nice quiet night. All the kids were asleep and hubby just went back to bed after a drink of water and a kiss goodnight. So I was just minding my own business trying to share my pictures with you all! And suddenly an unexpected smell tickled my nose. I was thinking!? Hmmm!! Who is making a bonfire at such a late time at night?? Looked out, and saw some pretty cool flame!! Sweet!! Then I register! WTH?? Bonfire isn’t supposed to get that high?? Looked again: 2sd floor of the opposite back building was on fire. ORANGE FLAMES fire!! OMG! I grabbed my phone!!
Call 911!! WTH is 911 in Germany? Ran out to the first available staircase in front of our building. LOCKED!!! Ranged all the doorbell and started screaming FIRE FIRE!!!! Call 911!! I don’t have a phone!! WAKE UP!!! 911 call 911!!!!
OMG, then I ran to the building on fire under the window on fire 2nd floor, I knock on the window of the first floor and screamed, FIRE WAKE UP GET OUT!!!!

Ran to the front of the building to try to get in. people are out!! Or so we thought. We get close to the door, and the first floor neighbor is trying to get the third floor neighbor out. The SMOKE is amazingly BLACK! Matt and one of the neighbor in our building try to get up to wake them up… too much smoke come down again, and finally we saw the father from the third floor pocked his head out. Took his entire family of 5 kids plus wife to the opposite window and waited until the fire department showed up. Then the big truck with the ladder came and took them down. When I went to get the kids out of the basket, I took a little girl in my harm and she was shaking so hard, I almost cried with her. They all came out alright! God was with them tonight. And THANK to all the fire department it is now out. Just another big scare and some family that lost everything!
So pumped up, can’t sleep now!! OMG!! I can’t believe I just did that!! It is like running from the law or something. (Like I know how it feels right?) So this is the reason why my heart is about to get out and my lungs feel like I smoke 3 pack of cigarette nonstop! I can’t believe that!

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disclamer: those pictures aren't pictures of the actual fire, I just found them online and wanted to show how sick it kinda looked. I lost my reporter aptitude with my running around screaming! ;-)


Mom in High Heels said...

OMG! What building was on fire? They are lucky you were up and alert.

Vesper said...

Is that why you were messaging me in the middle of the nigh!!!? IM SO SORRY! I had no idea!!!!!! Thats horrible! Thank God you were there. Sorry I never answered you! I was in the other room and my husband was messing around with the computers! Typical luck! Ill get a hold of you guys today and come by to visit again!

Diane said...

WOW. that's quite the story and thank God you all were able to help. Glad no one was hurt,ah, the joys of living in an apartment. What an adventure!! What was the cause? Your pictures were scary, man, that was quite the fire!

Anne Jambor said...

and as I mention it is wasn't pictures that I took. It was just to get a vision of how scary it was. Everyone seem to be safe! this morning they had the german fire department came again took tones of pictures and then housing. I doubt they will tell us WTH happen. my theory, it was a little hot yesterday and the window that got on fire was with a window fan, so I am assuming that it overheated by working all day or that the circuit just went berserk! Not sure we'll see if they let people know! I doubt I was the only that got people out. Lots of other on the building on fire were out and they were pretty safe!

Nelly said...

OMG, I am so glad everybody is fine. Holy cow, I am at a loss of words.

Anne said...

i just learn today that for the "review of the day happening" or something like that, the soldier receive a mail, and some friend told me that they said: "Some Frantic woman were screaming" or something like that! Since I didn't get the mail, I can't copy paste, but that TICKED me off a little. Yeah I was FRANTIC> It was bloddy 11pm and it took the MP and the fire department some sweet time for them to show up, and I didn't have their freaking number to yell at them that there were a family of 5 kids in the upstair apartment. OH excuse me to not remain calm. I have HOT latin blood I am FRENCH!! that is what we do... we scream bloody murder when you don't do your freaking job and not show up!
Sorry. Next time, I will just chut up and tell them that I haven't notice that some apartment next to my nose was on fire!! jeeeeee!!!
Sorry kinda ticked off!! ;0)