Saturday, July 11, 2009

To Do List

So those lists started appearing in the corner of my brain (what corner might have asked yourself? I have no idea; I didn’t even know I had corners in there)
To do list (Wednesday list):
• Rafael’s and Morgane’s Passport (expedited: it means more money to pay for those of you who always have time to have their passport 6 months before your trip start)
• Military ID for Morgane, Damien and Me (I do need to go to the Rock Island Arsenal for that one)
• Sort stuff for unaccompanied luggage (Friday)
• Find someone that will deal with the bike (battery/gas and oil wise)
• Call Car shipping company (Transcar. Oh, they are in Germany, mind the time difference)
• Call bank so that Matt can use is Debit/Credit card in Europe (if you don’t do that you will end up with a piece of plastic that has no monetary value whatsoever.)
• Find a cheap airfare for me and the kids (after the move and craziness is finished)
• Find a rental car to pickup after I drop off the van in St Louis (where the transportation/shipping/whatever name they go by is located)
• Call Toyota Financial to get paperwork that authorize us to ship our van in another country (Matt had a friend who faxed them the orders so that one should be easy)
• Sort house Trash/Keep/Give
• Shoot myself (make sure that my life insurance will take care of all the kids and Matt since I will be dead!)
• Talking about Insurance, call them to make sure we have renter insurance, shipping insurance, landlord insurance and whatnot!
• Find a renter if I want to become a landlord (I really don’t care about becoming one, but what am I do with an empty house for X numbers of years?)
• Find adopting family for the dog and the cat.
• Clean house
• Make a doctor appointment for me and the kids, last checkup (get the medical records)
• Do Laundry
• Take the entire Giveaway pile to the Four Oaks shelter and the Goodwill.
Let’s just say that by the evening time while I was chatting with my mother on Skype. She realized that I was WAY over my head (wait, I don’t have head no more, it is full of “to do list”) and probably because she is my mother, she worried and volunteered to come and help me! So the same evening I booked flight to Chicago (Direct, Paris Chicago, she can’t stand the stress of have to change plane in weird foreign airplane where they don’t speak French) She is coming to save me!! Whoohoo!! I might have some of my sanity left in me after the move!
To do list (Wednesday list revision):
• All of the above +
• Pick up Mutti in Chicago 10 days from now
• Do another Garage sale to minimize the giveaway pile
On the 23rd my mother arrived. I use the fact that I was driving to Chicago and passing the Quad City area to get the military ID card done! (Well of course it wasn’t very nice to do, since apparently the office was “half closed” and you needed an appointment to get one done! WTH, since when do you need an appointment to get an ID card? Well I pushed my luck and knocked on the door. With my happy face, and polite way and 3 kids behind I told them that we were moving in a few weeks and that we lived 1 hour away! “Well then, I guess I will HAVE to get those done he?” (Grumpy old woman who didn’t want to do shit all day I guess) :0? OH, well thank you so much! (Me biting my tongue and getting thicker in my accent as the second pass by!) 30 minutes and we are out... Whohooo, we have new card (valid one) well of course I look like a convict, but the lady didn’t want to redo any of the pictures, her time was so precious you know! So I didn’t want to change my luck and get kicked out of the office with no card.
In the space of 4 days since my mother arrived, we have sorted, emptied, cleaned, vacuumed etc… my house even though it is still a mess because of all the furniture that aren’t there no more. But it does look like a organized mess!
Of course my “Toyota” papers aren’t there yet! So I need to take precious time that I don’t have to call them back.
Me: “I was wanted to know if our application to ship our van out of the country has been received/and that you have agreed for us to do so?”
Them:” hold on the line, I’ll go check!”
Music……. Lalala lalala lalala lalala
Them:”We have a trace that you call, but we never received the orders!”
Me:” WHAT? (Matt was supposed to take care of that, or was it one of his buddies from work! Raaaahhh!!) OK what is your fax number?”
So I had to run to my old employer, ask if I could use the fax (Thanks Steve to let me use it) and off it went. Call Toyota back to make sure they got it, YES they got it!!
Next day, approved, they are sending the letter! Pfuffff!! And check!! Ok the bad part is that they said it was coming on Tuesday and that on Saturday it was still not in my mailbox!! Stressing again!!! Something else to add on my “to do list”.
To do list (Saturday list):
• All of the above minus what was checked and +
• Call Toyota to again
• Go to the doctor ask for “black market” Prozac in a 1 kg bag so that I can seat in my bed at night and eat them like bonbon.
Went to the land field: 2 Vans full with crap = $17 (normally when I go with one van not too full it is only like $5. AH AH! Here is my Carbon Footprint going up the roof. I do apologize to all the mankind and my great great grand children who will never see the sunset because of me! I really am sorry!
Oh and while I was loading the vans with the trash on Saturday morning (with my sister in law and husband who came all the way from Omaha to help out (well not really but they did help a lot) my mother HIT her head in the garage door that wasn’t completely open slip on her “French derriere” and twisted her ankle while she was down or on her way down.
To do list (Saturday list revision):
• All of the above minus what was checked and +
• Go to the Emergency room to make sure my mother doesn’t need a plaster on her foot and won’t go in a coma of some kind while I need to be there to make sure the movers are doing what they are paid to do!

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