Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hallo Deutschland!

We made it after a LONG flight overnight. which wasn't too bad considering that fact that it was so late everyone slept (specially me, who normally can never do that) so everything went well, even though we were sitting almost next to a lady who had her 3 kids with her (poor lady) but not like me, her oldest was almost 6 and then a 2 years old and a baby of 13 months! Poor Poor lady!! I was so lucky with my kids, even in long trip like that, they never acted like hers did! The only one that was OK was the 6 years old (then again it isn't like she could do anything else) Mother was traveling alone with those 3 kids and trying to juggles taking care of her 2 years old who was afraid of the noise during take off and landing and her other baby who needed to drink (and still nursing) for the pressure not to burst her little head off! Needless to say I was admiring that lady, thinking of my old memories of my babies, and trying to help as much as I could. The 2 years old ended up with one of my "book light" so that she could be happy for a while (which worked) and I held the baby (sweet baby, for mom to go to the bathroom) who started crying as soon as mom left the vision area! But she was sweet anyway! She smelled so good (AHH baby smell!! Love it)
We arrived in Frankfurt, I was amazed that we had to go up the stairs as soon as we were out of the plane connection device (you know the hallway that they attached to the plane for you to get to the actual building of the gate) well, here they had that moving hallway, then a door and then stairs (tough luck if you have 5 rolling hand baggage to get up the stairs (or for that matter, 2 or 3 of those plus 3 kids under 6 to get up there! I didn't stick around to help the lady, sorry I was sick and tired of being in that plane) So up the stairs we go, and to the "immigration" area. Where I had to smile and tell the officer with a pout on my lips "But I want a stamp of Frankfurt too!" (Being a European we just need them to see that our passport isn't expired and we can travel all over the European community, however they will not "Stamp" us since we are "European")
With a surprised look he said: "But Yooh aRe Franzche! Yooh Doo Nought need a Stchamp!"
Me: "But I want one, please!!!"
Him: "Orcgh!! OK!!!"
Me: "Danke Schon!" and off I go with my lovely German stamp on my passport!! WHOHOO!!

Then we go to the "Custom" area! So I was kinda dreading that part since I travelled with 5 large suitcases/bags and 5 carry on. Well let me tell you something! There is NO ONE at the custom area in Frankfurt (or at least they were all MIA when I passed it!) I was thinking! hmm?? I should have taken my handgun and matt's bazooka while I was at it, they wouldn't have stopped us! ;-) Black market here I come!

As soon as we were out, I spotted Matt and we all rush for a hug (well Rafael was the fastest!)
We loaded ALL the lugagge in the car, and we were on the road again! But at least I wasn't the one driving! ;-) As soon as we were on the road we (well me and Damien) had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped in a "gaz station" and went to use the "facility" AH!! you need to pay .50cents of a Euro to Pee how wrong is that ($.70 to peeeeeee!) come on. I swear I should open a luxury peee area and charge that and then, I will be a milionnaire! the "PEEEEE millionaire!" LOL!! Just think how funny it will be to meet all those millionaires in Forbes magazine annual meeting, and tell them all that I made my fortune on Pee!! OK I'll pass to another subject.

We arrived in Heidelberg where we had to go to a place where they register your ID into their system, so that everytime you get on base you don't have to fill 200 pages of paperwork to proof that you are who you say you are! ;0) Like a military ID isn't enough already! ;0) Anyway now, my kids and I are in the system. Whohoo!!! We are in the system!

Then finnaly the thing that I was wanted to get too, arrived! Microscopic apartment inspection coming up (not like I could have done anything since the apartment as already being issued right?) well it wasn't what I thought it would be. It isn't Microscopic, it is larger than what I thought it would be! Rooms are bigger that they look in the "Empty Microscopic Apartment" pictures on Matt's blog, so... I was happy!! I am still worry about how on earth I am going to put all the crap that we have in here. but we will fight that battle when the troops arrive! (furnitures that is). So we empty all of our suitcases, they are already in the storage downstair, I even reorganized Matt's closet (I had too If I wanted to put my crap in there).
Well after a nice evening at home, we all fell asleep and rested well, Matt went to get some Croissant in the little bakery in the next town, and we just finished Breakfast.

Today is Rafael's 7 birthday, we will celebrate it somehow! Not sure how yet! So hopefully more later or as soon as I have another internet connection! Thanks to a neighbor who has not set up his security on his router! ;0) Thanks neighbor!

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Anonymous said...

awesome! glad you made it here! ill let you guys settle in before I bug you : )

Nelly said...

Happy you safely made it to Germany. Hubby came back from the States yesterday too. He had the 6.15 flight that arrived early. I'd scream if you guys were on the same plane.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) just wanted to say: welcome back in Europe and welcome to Germany ;)

Diane said...

Great Stories and glad you all made it alright. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!! How exciting! Love and miss you all...

C N Heidelberg said...

Welcome to Heidelberg!!! :) I am dying at your passport stamp story!!! Too funny!