Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rock Mohawk

My baby boy (the last one mind you) love to be silly and love to imitate “rock Stars” or so what he think the rock stars attitude should be! Anyway… Oh of the Rock Star thing is that he should ALWAYS have a Mohawk, so whenever he can he always ends up coming out of the bath with his sister like this!!
I had to take the pictures, especially since his shadow was also so Rock Stareesh”


♥ Shaunna said...

How cute! Yes, I cant wait to meet you! I dont get there until about February, so you might get there before us! But I would LOVE to hang out and actually have someone to talk too, so I dont look like a complete dork, walking around the place. LOL.

Andrea said...

HI! Thanks for the sweet comment! Parenting is definitely an adventure-some days better than others :).

I will get caught up, take a look around your blog and get to the meme as soon as I can!

You are going to Heidelberg? Very nice. That is a little over an hour-ish from us. Be sure to get all of your storgae and curtain needs taken care of before you come here! Selections are limited--that is all I am going to say about that :D.