Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Closer or not

Matt got all the paperwork done for the Heidelberg Headquarter.

So now he say “we just need to wait until the orders are written!!” and we will know 100% for sure if we move or not! I hate that with the military it seem like he always get his orders 2 weeks after he is suppose to already be there, and then they call and say, well why aren’t you there?
So hopefully for him he will get his order ahead of time so that we can plan that move. We decided that if we do get to move the kids and I will follow him at the end of the school year for them. No need to get them all transferred and stress over moving to another school and in another country/continent. Might as well wait until summer time and this way they might be able to get to meet some of the kids that we will be neighbors to. So Matt will move before us, he is already planning his trip. Won’t take any car until we move everything, so he will take the bus or the train since it is so good over there. And then when we get there, we’ll ship the Prius and some of our furniture (most of it)
I found a friend of mine where we can store some boxes at her parent’s farm so that will be nice, obviously I am not planning to take everything that we have specially if we are to come back after 2 years, it seem silly. We will try to rent our place so that at least we don’t have the whole mortgage to pay and that the house is in use.
Anyway this is the news regarding Germany and touring over there.
On a better note: Fall is FINNALLY here… I love it. Pretty colors, the trees and texture, driving in the fallen leaf that cracks under the wheels. The colors of the sun and the different shades of yellow and gold and orange and red. I love everything about it… except ALLERGIES!! Gosh I hate allergy season and off course I rarely get more than a sniffle in Spring and then I get major headache and sinus pressure in Fall… Talk about luck!!! But nothing can take my happiness with the sight of the leaf falling down, cruising with the wind from yard to yard. I just LOVE IT!! Beside I can always have access to my super medicine cabinet and my allergy pills! Nothing will take my smile away from me!!!
Some of those were taken this week in town, just to show how cool it look!!

North Liberty, IA

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