Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meme Tag

I have been Tagged for a Meme by C N Heidelberg (don’t even know what her first name is, but I love her writing) from the blog: Heidelbergerin
So I have to give six random thing about me…. Well let me think…. (oh. just for the laugh of it, I was wondering what CN was saying about being tagged for a "meme" cause a Meme in french is like a cute name to call your grandmother (or not so cute) like an old lady... so just think of my thoughts when she said she tagged me for a meme!!) ;-) Anyway... Here goes:

I have been married since 1992 (you do the math) to the love of my life. Matthew. We met in France while he was doing a 6 month scholarship for his Bachelor Degree in French (obviously) I never thought that I would live in the States and well… I am still here. And all of my kids were born there! Since I am a French Citizen (still) they do have the double nationality, so … I guess that could be an issue or maybe not, depending of what they want to do with their life… Still have a few years to go! ;-)

I am an Artist at heart, I love creating thing, I have a lot of great idea (most of them never see the life out of my head) my mother always use to say: “In France we don’t have oil, BUT we have GREAT ideas”… I guess that is true to me. I love Scrapbooking, painting (mind you just knick knacks) Beading, anything that I can put my little fingers at work, I just LOVE!!

I cannot remember a thing (only future or present things); I always say that my kids drained me of my brain cell while in my belly… The truth is I have an electronic brain attached to me at all time; I put whatever is important that I need to remember in my Moto-Q Phone!! I hope I can have one of those while in Germany, because I am going to be miserable if I can’t have something like that. And my kids and my husband as well!! Cause I am the memory keeper in Charge!! ;-)

I am a “pro” photographer. I put the Pro in “” because I don’t like the title of it! If I could I would call it, an Artist Photographer, I love taking pictures of everything and anything. I opened my “home business” in 2006 and only had 3 weddings, and a small amount of portrait (family) and a lot, I mean a LOT of landscapes and pictures of my kids!! I wish I could be more Marketing aggressive, cause I would probably be a MILLIARDAIRE … but if I stay the way I am… as my hubby is saying I will never make a dime! ;-) Oh well!!! Doesn’t really matter anyway!!

OH… Last but not least!! I love spending time online, I also love saving pictures or artwork or some other example of fine artistry on my computer, needless to say that I have too much stuff saved up and I am sorry if I did “steal” some of your work on my computer, but I never ever use it on a commercial, it is just for me, like I will use a cute painting for my contact ID list, or Wallpaper, or… just idea that I can use for my creativity (it won’t ever look as good, but I try) That is my black little secret!!! I always have too much stuff on my computer. ;-)

I am only putting those blog on cause I will love to know a little more about those ladies
First a scrapbooking friend from Iowa which we share evening some time to time, she is an incredible creative lady, and you might be able to find some great ideas by going to her blog:
Second a blog that I found while searching about Heidelberg and Military move and tones of differents other words that I put, I found her, and I just love her blog and I sure hope I'll be able to meet her when over in Deutschland:
Third another ... blog that I found on my research week, and I find so many cute comments about her life and her humor of raising kids. I hope also that I'll meet her face to face afterall, we could have playdate or something ;-) :
And the last blog is from Allison who is station in Heidelberg, and that I hope to meet when I get there, and that I love her pictures and her dogs stories (cause I have the same issue) and that we will need to meet to do some major scrapbooking:


Allison said...

thanks for the tag :) I posted mine today!

Andrea said...

Hi! Do you and Shaunna need ideas of what to bring with you before you pack up? If so-email me and I will send a "group e-mail" with soem ideas. Just a thought. I have been overseas (in the UK and Germany )since 1999. Yikes!