Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cutie Kitty

Today we got a call from our good friend Esther who invited us to come for a late lunch at her farm, she was wanted us to meet some of her friend that we never able to before. Leslie & Michael and Raquel & Gab. So since we didn’t have any plan and it was cold and breezy off we went to Mechanicsville. The trip there was great, I was able to speed up a little in those back roads of Iowa who remind me so much of France (mind you normally I am not very reckless) but for whatever reason I felt the urge of speeding!
I arrive before everyone else (and I was late). ;-) Anyway Matt followed with Rafael he was driving the bike for I think the last time of the year, and was saying that it was so windy that he was glad to have a side car cause he would have certainly be on the ground in the ditch somewhere! ;-)
Anyway, after a lovely lunch we talked and of course I went around taking some pics. Anyway, some are from the cute little kitten that they have, 2 of them but so cute and soft. Ignacio (Raquel’s dad) was there from Mexico City on a visit and he played with the kitty for some time. I wish I could speak Spanish because I would have loved to meet him properly, he seem such like a nice man! I put 2 pictures that Ma
tt took of me; enjoy them because you would probably never see a lot of pictures of me, since after all I am the photographer! ;-b
Also we learn that the wind blew away some of the rabbit cages and Matt and Michael went on a bunny hunt, here it show how many it take to catch a single bunny! ;-) Anyway we stayed for a long time talking and enjoying the company of nice people. Esther's has very good taste cause I really like her friend, I hope we'll stay friend with them and see them more often now that we were "introduced" properly! I had the best time with you all, thanks for this nice afternoon!


♥ Shaunna said...

What a cute kitty!!!

Leslie said...

I agree that Esther has good taste in friends :). It was great to meet you and hope to talk to you again soon!