Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heidelberg Germany

So Matt (my hubby) got a call from Germany, and they saw his resume and they want him to move there. Military move that is!!
Do you know how long I have been "formally" a military wife?? 1995! I was pregnant with my first baby! Who is now 13!! SICK!!
So now I am panicking and am excited and overwhelmed with the lack of information that you cannot find about military community and what to do and what not to do!! AHHH!!!!!
If any of you out there have any information about moving in Heidelberg, feel free to email, because I am just lost!!

Heidelberg seem like a very nice town (of course it is Germany, and you know French and German don't mix well) but I take it as it is going to be a fun time for the kids, and for me, Adventure and finally home with Matt every night! Now that might be the reason why I am so scared!! ;-) Just kidding!

The brighter part is that it will be Military move so no paying back to come back to the US when the tour is done! Hopefully I will come back with loads of pictures and story, and with the fact that I am looking for books about military life and community in Germany and can’t find anything, I might even turn into an author, cause there is a NEED for information about PCS and moving across the world!
Anyway… that’s my first post about it. So far move is still not 100% sure, but they are saying 1st of January 2009… and I am like! AHHHHHH!!!!
I’ll try to post more often than I did before and put whatever I find that might be interesting to onlooker like me!
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Allison said...

Good luck with your move :) I'm happy to answer any questions I can...we aren't in Heidelberg, but only about an hour away ;)

C N Heidelberg said...

Hi Anne! Heidelberg is great! I've just tagged you for a meme on my blog, as a sort of welcome into the Germany expat blog fold, if you are interested in doing it. :)