Monday, December 7, 2009

Pumpkin au Gratin

For Thanksgiving, I tried a recipe that I saw my mother make when I was a little girl. I used to love it so I thought, “can’t go wrong right?”
So I went to the commissary and bought a bag of potatoes, 1 bag of carrots (long one) 2 butter squash and 2 smaller pumpkin (green one, no clue what it was called) but I am sure that ANY will do!

Anyway, so I peeled all the skin of, Potatoes, Carrots and Squash/Pumpkins. And cut them all in little cube! When it was done, I separated all in 2, Put half of the cut in a pot full of water (with salt) and the other half in a big freezer/zip lock bag and stick it in the freezer!

When the cubes were soft, the one in the pot (remember!) I took out of the water and put them into a container to mash them together. I used the water that I used to cook it for the mashed mix not too be so hard. Salt and Pepper it! Then, I spray the mix on a plate (deep pie plate) and cover it with Swiss cheese (Emental). Put it in the over on broil and let it broil for about 10mn or until golden brown (the cheese melts and it is just YUMMY!!)
Anyway, this is what I did for Thanksgiving, however I had some extra frozen ready to pop in the water and do veggies, and I made it one day that my friend Gerri came from Stuttgart, she requested that I give her the recipe so I thought, hmmm, I’ll share the love!
This is a great dish to accompany any meat, but also great for Vegetarian! (Diane, you’ll have to try this one!)

OH and for those of you who enjoy soups, you can also keep some of the mix and put it back in the cooking water, mix it, and VOILA you have a soup and a grattin to serve! LOVE IT!

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