Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace on Earth!

Greetings to all,

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Best wishes for this coming year to you and your love one!
As I am typing this letter, I am trying to keep myself from sneezing away on the keyboard. We had a great busy year and if you follow my blog entry you certainly know about it. So I will keep it simple and fast. (Not because I don’t want to brag about my year, but because my head is in the fog, therefore my memories are too!) ;-)
Spring went so fast I don’t even remember much, except the anticipation of waiting to know if and when Matt would be send anywhere with the Army. By late may, Matt called me and told me that his order were here. Station: Heidelberg Germany. Report date: Mid June!! My answer, great, I am going to move on my own again! ;-) so off we go to get all the stuff that needed to be done before moving. Rafael’s passport. Schedule moving day. Get information about where we were going. By the time Matt was gone, I was overwhelmed and thanks God, my mother took pity on me, and came all the way from France to help me pack/clean/keep my sanity (or what was left at the time). For those of you who haven’t followed what happen you’ll need to go back and read my past blog entry, cause it is WAY too long to try to explain now! Anyway!
We are now trying to settle into our Small apartment (very very small) and it isn’t easy. We are enjoying the fact that we are in Europe and try to do something fun every so often with the kids. Again follow the blog and you’ll see! ;-)
Matt is trying to get extension on his order so that we can stay here for another year or two, I wish we will know already what and where and when we are going/staying and everything in between. I guess it is part of the military life that I really don’t enjoy. But you will know as soon as we know for sure! I’ll blog about it! ;-) he he!!
The kids are now a year older.
Damien turned 14 (he could have his learner permit back in IA) and is doing much better at school; he is working hard on becoming a good student and a good Guitar Player. He went with Matt to one of his favorite Band concert in Wisconsin and really enjoyed it! The band: Dragon Force, you don’t know them, check them out. They are the kind of band that are amazing guitarists, super fast, but after 10mn of listening you know you are heading to bed with a migraine! LOL (Or at least it is my case) ;-)
Morgane turned 11, she is a sweet girl with a big temper (like her mama) her dad’s favorite girl and love being close to him now that we are all together again. She is a good student, great Artist and reader, love love to read, and sing and chat online with her friends. (Not necessarily in that order) She is still playing piano and like it (we do need to find someone to get her to play here) She has been diagnost with ADD in Iowa and we tested her again when we arrived here. So 2 different test and tones of discussion later she is now on some mild dose of medication that helps her focus her attention to the right task at hand.
Rafael turned 7, he was still my little shrimpee boy but had a growth spurt over the summer. He is always outside, love playing with all the boys in the neighborhood. He love his Dart Guns and you can listen to all of those boys giggling in the basement and the addict of our new apartment. He like the fact that he can see lots of cool castles. Doesn’t really understand why people don’t speak the same language all over the planet. Ask tones of question about the war and the army and the rules. He is my sweet baby boy and just need to be reminded that he need to be sweet to other as well!
Matt like his job here and really enjoy having us every day with him. He works about 20mn away from home, try to ride his bike as often as he can (except when it is too nasty to take it)
I, for myself, like it here so far. It is way different from a civilian type of life, but it is fun and you meet lots of different people with different background and culture. I am enjoying that a lot. I am a USO volunteer. I have escorted tour to Paris (just once, I was supposed to do the New Year Eve tour and since I am sick as a dog, Matt is taking my place) I have open a little store page for my photos, I haven’t had a lot of time to load too much, but I am planning to concentrate on that over the 2010 year.
We spend our Christmas with my family in France. It was lots of fun and it is always so nice to see everyone again. I was surprise to see some lost friends contact me via email, so we enjoyed a nice evening with them when we were at my mother. It is always so nice to know what peoples are up too over the years. ;-) Matt and I are on Facebook for those of you who are too! Check us out.
Well this is all I can think of. I will leave you with lots of Hugs and Kisses from all of us to all of you.
Wishing you the best for 2010, Health, Wisdom, Peace, and Freedom for all!
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Mom in High Heels said...

Happy holidays to you! I hope you're feeling better soon!

Diane said...

So glad you have adjusted to the move and have made so many friends so far. One of the perks of living on base in an apartment building. I love to see your pics and live your exciting life vicariously.
Glad to hear the kids are doing so well too, let's hope you get an extended stay and bigger housing! Post some pics of the apartment!!

Vesper said...

Feel better, Anne.....mainly so I can go pick up Twilight, LMAO just kidding! Hope you do feel better. Being sick really sucks!

stacey.duret said...

As usual, the photos are super. Morgan is certainly looking a lot like Mom, as does Damien. I think Raf is going to look like Dad ;)

You are all looking happy. That is great!