Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Music of 2009 (for my taste)

I love watching video from the past year every so often, and since it is still 2009 in a few minutes for me it will be 2010, here are some of my favorite music from 2009. Hope you enjoy it and that you don't get "Shocked" over some of my choice!

I loved this video, I thought it was amazing that someone came with the concept of it, and actually turned out this good! Beside I love that song too! Very upbeat!

Another one of my favorite. I just love his music. I think he is one of my favorite artist of the year! I also love his video with Colbie

"Lucky" Official Video With Colbie Caillat

Jason Mraz MySpace Musikvideos

I really like this group too, I love the fact that they mix rock and storyline!

And Follow your dream always!

Nickelback is one of my favorite group. Beside they are great to look at too! So who can complain, good view, good music!! Gotta love them! LOL

I really like this video, I think it is a cute song and the fact that the person use simple graphics make it more powerful!

I really like Colbie Caillat, I think she is a sweet girl that has a great sense of humor and an accomplish artist. I sure hope she keep song coming our way, cause I really dig her! LOL

I also really like Rihanna, weird about the title though? Disterbia?

Matt and I have followed Green Day since the 90th. They still rock and are awesome!!

No insult intended, but I really like this song. You need to know that Lily Allen wrote it after some politic party in the UK made some homophobe comments. Her answer was that song, which I think is perfect. I rarely use that word, but I still think that in some case you can't say anything else but...!

I listened to Paramore once in the States, and didn't really think much, except that they were kinda nice. My kind of music, and Morgane's too! And every so often I find a new song and really like it more and more. My favorite of the year!

I just love this video. Amazing concept and amazing production of it! Just can't stop watching it!

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