Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Title & Background

So thank you for all of you who voted, I have now change the blog title/pictures, I now am looking for a background that I can live with. The one I have now, isn't the perfect that I am looking for, I might have to do one on my own. Don't want to start that on top of my so many project!!

Runner-up was the 3rd title picture!! I'll try to change this every month if not every so often. but not too often, cause I don't have the time. I mean you probably saw that I haven't been blogging too much lately!! And I am sorry about that. Just a little too much in my head to get it out I guess! LOL!

Hope you all enjoy your holiday season, I don't know if I will have the time to write anything this week if not I will try over the Christmas break and keep you inform on what is going on!


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Vesper said...


Vesper said...

By the way...do you still have my beloved Twilight movie???

: )

Sandra Annedore said...

Uuuuh, I can barely read your blog because of the font color. You might want to change that too LOL...or I have to get better glasses HAHA.