Tuesday, December 8, 2009

KIDS are the SWEETEST!!!!

ANNOYING kids of mine.
First Damien doesn't like his curly hair, so because he HAS 3 concert today(and HAS to look good you know), had me flatten them for 1 hour! Do you think he said THANK YOU mom, I LOVE YOU?? HELLO??? Of course not (well not withouth me sayind, Oh jeeeee maman, thank you, you are the bestest ever!!, he then looked at me funny and said: Thanks Mom!!)
Morgane who broke her finger yesterday! UNWRAPPED it over night and said it came lose! AND left without waiting for me to fix the damage done! So I HAD to call the school for the nurse to do it (she is just trying the be sneakeee, she just doesn't know I was the sneakest and did it all before she even thought of it!)
Rafael who decide to have Gel to have SPIKES (hairs way too long for that one) after 30mn with the gel decided he didn't like it and wanted to clean his hair again! Ran to the bathroom and did that, and since it is kinda cold in the morning, had to blow dry them.
Love them, so happy to have them, wish I could just be for 1 week without them! LOL!!

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Mom in High Heels said...

I only have one kid, but I feel your pain.