Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a pain!

So, as I already knew it, being an Army Wife is always about, being supportive of your husband. Being patient about the rule and regulations, etc… I will however have to say that I am getting SICK and TIRED about the whole rule and regulation. AS most of you know, Matt is reservist, we have been waiting and waiting for his orders to Heidelberg for over 6 months (OVER way OVER) and it finally came, and on the orders that say that it is an “unaccompanied” mission. It says however that they will PCS him. PCS is “Permanent Change of Station” for those of you who don’t know! Well, yesterday we found out that “Uncle Sam” will not move ALL of the household, it only “authorize” 25%! WTH??? What is 25% of our stuff going to do to us? Oh let me think, should I ship 1 or 2 pots to cook with? Should I take 1 or 2 towels for us to dry ourselves when we shower?? I am so pissed off right now (did you realize that yet?) ;0)
So now, he needs to go while I wait for him to have authorization from the “proper” people, then they might or might not say “Go ahead”!! So, needless to say that his dates are to be reporting by mid-June, I don’t think I will be moving until the end of June or something. Since we have to have the “authorization” for Pete’s sake!
So if by any chance your name is “Mrs Michelle Obama”, please talk to my husband’s sponsors duty blablabla… and if you could let them know that he HAS to have his family with him, it will be GREATLY appreciated! OH and if the household items could follow too, that will even be better! Thanks a bunch! ;0)
I will keep on smiling and try not to forget to take my happy pill tomorrow!

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Vesper said...

I think that perhaps all your furniture would have to stay and you can borrow army furniture (beds, shelves, desk, couches, tables, etc). That might even everything out to taking on 25% if you minus all your furniture. That is what many families are doing that are only stationed here for a year or less. Good luck on the move! Keep me updated!