Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heidelberg update:

So this morning, after Matt dropped off the kids at school, he checked his mail and …
MIRACLE: it is FINNALY here in the mailbox. HIS orders. Jeeeesh one cannot say that we have been waiting for those for a LONG time! So it said, as he has to be reporting on the 15th of June!! Yeah you read it right, the 15!!! WTH!!! Can one have a little more time on their hand to prepare for such a move then just 14 days…? I swear I am starting to really not be happy about it. OK, I shouldn’t say that, after all, I am super happy at the idea of moving there. Even if it is only for a year, I can imagine all the stuff that we are going to be able to show the kids. Castles and trips to area that we wouldn’t be able to see if we were stuck here, but still… 15 days??? Anyway… So Germany, here we come. Heidelberg, here we come, and Mutti… Here we come (Mutti is my mother by the by!)
Kids are in school so they don’t “officially” know. While we are calling around to do all the good stuff that we have to do, transportation office for the move. Car moving services for fees (cause of course they don’t move the POV (personal car) for less than 1 year mission) we can ask after 6 months for extension of the orders and then get them to agree to ship the car, but of course, not before! OH, I love those order so much!! ;0)
So as I was saying we are one the phone and suddenly my cell phone/AKA/electronic brain is ringing to remind me that Rafael has a dentist appointment. (While I am on the phone.) GREAT!! So I tell Matt… GO pick up your son and go!! OK! Here he goes. And then... He text me: “please tell me it is just a check up?” AH AH!! Nope!!! It isn’t… it is for some nice treatment, he will be under laughing gas and he won’t be laughing at all! He is so freaked by the dentist that I am sure he was giving him misguiding direction for his dad never to get to the dentist office! ;0) So… needless to say that I am wondering what is going on with those 2 men, over at the dentist office! I would love to be a little mouse and watch! Sorry… I shouldn’t be saying that, but it will be the first time that he drag his youngest to the place that Rafael HATE the most!
So, anyway… As you saw, we are heading to Germany, which was the main event of the day; we are off course going to need to get that Garage sale going. I will call the newspaper after I am done with this entry and tell them to print something. OH and it is supposed to be RAINING on the Saturday of the Garage sale!!! NO!!!!! Please!!! No more rain!
Wish me LUCK, and if you are thinking that you have a few days to help me with packing organizing selling, please let me know! ;-) I think I will have to swallow a bag of Prozac by the end of the day! ;0)
See you later with more info!


Diane said...

Good Luck! Put a garage sale ad on Craigslist too....

Nelly said...

AAAAHHHH HEIDELBERG!!!! Can't wait to finally meet you. Can I drag you to the Gym with me once you are here? LOL!!!!

Anne said...

FOR SURE, I have a few pound (a LOT) to get rid of so.. it is a definite YES for me, Shaunna wanna join the group?