Saturday, June 6, 2009

Iowa Art Festival Friday5th

Last evening we went to the Iowa City Art Festival that just started today!
We went first to find our neighbors food stand. Matt got some “walking taco” yummy!! I am not a big taco person, but this was yummy Hmmmm yummy!!

While we were chatting with the boys (sorry Josh, no pictures of you!) the music started, and we listen to the group: “The Damnwells”. Morgane really digged it, but not enough to go dancing with the girls in front. I took a few pics, you can see below.

I am going back this morning because it is when the art is on display. I really want to see what photographer have to offer this year, I wasn’t too impressed last time we went a few years back, but I loved one of them, a teacher from University of Northern Iowa near Waterloo, I loved what he does! I wonder if he is online now. He wasn’t last time I saw him, if he does I will have to share his website for you to see. He used lots of different textures on his print, and they really look so good!!
We saw Andrea that I haven’t seen in like a month, she was with her sister. Hope to see her before we go.
So more pictures probably later today, and a short note! ;0)


Anonymous said...

What!? Garlic is yummy! LOL

Anonymous said...

if that's your husband behind the grill...then your husband's hot. LOL. If not then that random dude is hot.

Anne said...

No my husband is behind the fishing pole in the kitchen smiling like a proud man who is able to provide a meal for his family. It will be a ... small meal, but we should be able to survive if left on a deserted island with a fishing pole! ;0)