Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday afternoon while we were trying to organized the garage for our Garage sale next week. Rafael kept on coming back to have his fishing pole so he could go fish with his friend.
It was the first time that Matt was home to go with him, so he was very excited. Finally after putting everything that was outside of the garage IN the garage to be able to shut the door! I got the pole and off they went. Needless to say that I went to take a few pictures! Here are some. Matt showed him once how to send his line in the water and off he was like a pro!
The next morning, he insisted to get Matt to go buy some bait, well off course it isn’t working if one doesn’t anything to offer the fish.

So they went and as I was only waking up reading my book, they came back with a surprise. Look at Rafael’s eyes… So worry that the fish is going to jump on him. The fish is back in the pond and I am sure that he will get another bait from someone else.
Matt cannot wait until we go in Brittany to fish with Rafael. We’ll see if they are as lucky in the ocean where fish tend to be a little more… Aggressive! ;0)

Oh and the last pictures is of Zema, saying that she wasn't happy because she couldn't come with us, cause she scared the fish away! ;0)


Shannon said...

Awww those two just look so cute like that together. Reminds me of those old black and white photos. Looks like they had fun!

Nelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the third picture!!! Seriously, that one is so awesome. I would make a poster of it and hang it into the living room if thos were my boys HAHA!!!

Diane said...

Great pics and love the new template for your blog!