Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some of my favorite things. Part I

So I decided that I would put up a little something about me and the things that I like, I thought maybe everyone could do that, and then we will be able to know a little bit more about each other and see things that we might not see every day, and reminisce about the old time! ;-) So here are a few of my favorite old things!! So first part will be cartoon or video that I use to watch or to sing along!! Mind you it is in French... since after all I was raised over there!!

Chapi Chapo, I use to love those little dude when I was a little girl in France! I am pretty sure it never got to the States so here is a little preview! Enjoy!!

Here are a few classic of the Disney mania!! Enjoy.. I bet you never listened to those in French!

Another one of the cartoon that was super popular in the young girl age: Candy, kind of like Anne of the Green Gables but only she stayed orphan! AH!! Life suck with the french! oh and this was part of the First generation of the Manga cartoon!! Loved it!!

When I was 18, I went back to the regular High school after graduating from my "professional high school" and took Music as a "major" our teacher introduced us to Mozart and his opera. Since that time I love listening to Opera, here is an exemple of my favorite one: The Nozze di Figaro from Mozart! And also one of my favorite Opera singer: Cecilia Bartoli

This one was one of the song that I use to love. It is from a very old time, but I still love to listen to him every time I go back to my mother!!

Et voila... More later!!


Diane said...

I watched Speed Racer and The Carol Burnett Show. LOL...

Nelly said...

Hehe... another Disney fan, eh? Me too. I am so going to pick this up :)

Andrea said...

Interesting! I was a Speed racer and Carol Burnett fan myself, too.

Are you still coming this way?? I am soooooo behind.....ahhhhhhh.....