Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meditation over "Dick"

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my husband!
He was telling me that he was becoming more and more sensitive to "negativity" surrounding him and was asking me my opinion about the matter!
Needless to say that I asked: what triggered the subject?
He has a buddy (I will leave him anonymous, and for this blog only I will call him "Dick"... Reason will probably make sense by the end of this entry) ;-)
that he spend a lot of time since after all, he is station outside of our State, it isn't like he can spend lots of time with us! Anyway, "Dick" is very "special", and tends to say what is on his mind and what bother him. Most of the time he will verbalized his unhappiness and not his happiness, so that tend to be hard on Matt because he only hears about "bad" experience, and is witness to some "argument" with that guys "love one" more often than him showing his good side to those "love one".
Matt was in the same car as "Dick", when "Dick" started yelling at his "girlfriend" in apparently some unkind way (F... this and F... that!) you know what I mean right? Matt was trying to ignore him as most of the time, and tune himself out. He missed his turn to go to the Gym, turned around and when he arrive at his destination, got out of the car, while "Dick" was still yelling at his ... better half!
As he left the parking to get inside the building, he felt sick, nauseated and dizzy.
Matt was feeling fine before he picked up "Dick" and was looking forward his daily Gym routine, so he didn't understood why he was feeling so sick!
So he started thinking of what might have triggered this unpleasant feeling. And his thoughts took him to "Dick" (still yelling in the car), He then called me and asked me the question if I thought it was possible to get sick just by being around "negativity". I do believe this is possible; after all, I had that kind of experience myself with some of my dad's family after the death of my grandfather.
And most of the Panic Attack that people suffer from are mostly due to Stress, and Stress is mostly related to Negativity. So we talked and he asked about what he could do to get this feeling out of him. I said that maybe he could use some meditation or relaxation methods. A nice bath in a dim lighted place, or a trip to the sauna. I wish I could have been around to give him some Reiki because it also helps him most of the time. Anyway, I just talked to Matt who told me that he downloaded some meditation music and that he did to get his peace back.
He asked me if he should tell his buddy that he is so negatif and that he should try to find a better place in his life and maybe try to think of a way to be happier! I don't think that will make a difference!
What do you think and I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on the subject.
Do you believe that Negativity can affect you?
What do you do in the case it does?


♥ Shaunna said...

I believe it can. Definitely. It drains you. I have experianced that with a certain person in the past and I had to stop seeing them in person. I could only keep in contact through email because it drained me every time I saw them.

Nelly said...

Yes it can make you sick. That is why I am trying to be positive about everything. I too know some guys who are negative all the time. They are only talking about all the negativity and do lots of swearing. It is a lot of stress and I just can't see them as often as I want because it is draining.

Positive people are so much more fun the only thing is to know if the positivity is for real or if they are trying to hide behind a mask so noone sees of how depressed they really are.