Friday, February 20, 2009

Bag Tag

I saw this morning a post on: about a bag tag, and I thought it was kind of funny. So I am going to do it. I will even share 2 bags, because I went purse shopping today and just changed bag, so I am being honest about my purses! ;-)
So here are the rules:
1. Post a picture of the bag/purse/handbag/pocketbook {whatever you call it!} that you are carrying! Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting that cute little clutch that you carried before you had children or the last time you went out ;-) the rule is to see the purse that you carried today!
2. Tell us how much it cost! I know we are not suppose to tell everyone how much we spend on such frivolities but... it is for the fun of it, so we won't judge just tell us!!
And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it!!
3. Tag some of your girls. It will be fun to see the different style of everyone!
So here are my purse(s) since I just changed!! ;-)

This is my "old" purse. I felt like color. I was wanted a nice turquoise bright color but didn't find the color with the shape that I wanted for the price that I was OK to pay for! (Oh by the by this purse was on sale in Target about.... 1 year ago (or more) and I paid less than $10 for it!) It is still in fairly good shape, BUT the handles are starting to show distress signs! ;-(
This is my “new” purse!! WHOHOO!!! I love it!! I was kinda hoping for a brighter turquoise but… I like the shape so I told myself after looking and looking all over that for the price, I could just take it, and search for the “perfect” shade of blue and the perfect shape too! Later!! Price: $11.95!! Yes you read right!! Only that!! Kohls clearance rack, thank you very much!! So happy… I love bargain!!

Inside of the purse… Feel free to OOHH and AHH the fact that this is an “organized” purse!! Mind those of you who know me, it is the only thing in my life that looks like that, right? ;-)

So what is inside you are asking…
Well here is the list:
Trident Splash Strawberry Lime… My favorite!
Wallets too many, going from the left to the right:
the red one is the one with my cash and CC that I use the most.
The light brown is just a little pocket with Zipper that I put my coupons and receipt if any!
another CC holder, which holds all the store cards or Insurance card!
Next is another little zip wallet where I put my stamps and pictures
Then coin purse
And the two last are my check books. Yeah I know… 2 banks!! ;-)
Sunglasses, a MUST right now with the snow on the ground I need them.
My name tag from work
Pens, MP3 player, USB card, Camera card, Nail clipper, my little med box (from Firenze) Twizzer and toothpick and of course chapstick! OH and I couldn’t even go ANYWHERE without it, my handy dandy: MotoQ or like I call it: my other Brain!


Diane said...

Love the new purse. Very cute! But I liked the old one too...

Nelly said...

I love your purse to, only the many wallets would drive me nuts LOL. How do you manage all of them?

I'll post my purse tomorrow. :)