Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers 3D movie or how to teach your daughter to be a screaming Fan!

So, Morgane is turning 11 this coming Tuesday. On the 3rd of March. One of the ideas that I had to celebrate her birthday was to get her to go see the movie of the concert of the “Jonas Brothers” yeah you read me right, MY idea!! Well she is a big fan, has the CD and listens to the song on the radio, has seen all of the movies with them in it, and sings the song on top of her lungs!!
So I thought, since she is such a big fan, I’ll get her to go see the movie!
OMG!! What was I thinking!! First, let me tell you, every ticket for a 1h40mn show was $15/pers… Oh yeah you read right, $15 how Freaking sick is that??? Then of course you have to have Popcorn and the COKE with it, right?? OMG!!! Another $22!! WTH!!! What was I thinking?? I swear I am taking that out of her gift spending money!! ;-)
OK, so I guess now that I got you thinking, you must be asking yourself: How was it!!
Well not that bad, I was expecting some crap, but I guess those 3 kids can rock after all!! They can also get thousands of girls SCREAMING!!! I told Morgane that if she ever did that in my presence, I will slap her craziness out!! I don’t know how those girls that actually went to the concert could have had come out of it with a voice!! They were just so loud!! I can only think of what those guys on the stage are thinking?? They must be like: Oh Hell I am so glad I have those ear plugs on right now!! J
So for those of you, who are thinking to go see it with your dear daughters, prepare yourself and don’t go if you have a headache!! That’s my point of view. Still those kids aren’t that bad!!
So Enjoy some quality time with your daughters/sons!! And remind them not to lose their voice over it!

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