Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Say WHAT???

I was at a friend house earlier and learn that "The LOUVRE" museum is going to have a McDonald in it!? WTH??? Are you INSANE??

I am so shocked!! I am sorry, but to mix The Louvre and all it's history and treasure with McDonald food?? To me it is just the stupidest move EVER. So since I can't do anything but talk about it. I did play a little with some pictures!! couldn't resit!!
I should send it to the Ministere de la Culture (the office in charge of the Louvre)
this is outrageous!!

Enjoy!! I am sure I will not next time I will go there!

Are we ready for this picture to become reality? This is what I ask!


satakieli said...

That's kinda weird. Surely you would have thought they'd attract the sort of people to be able to put some kind of gourmet type restaurant in there? Like they have at the Tate Modern in London. Unless they already have one, I've not been inside the Louvre, only to the outside, years ago.

Anne said...

I know, the last time I went to a museum in Paris it was at the "Musee D'orsay" and they have the nicest little cafe area where you can enjoy a small meal or coffee or tea for a small fee, but it is overlooking the art gallerie, you can look at the Art and the visitors and then go back where you were.
With this McDo, they say it will be located under the "Pyramid" in a "Food Court" setting with other fast food/vendor area! WTH!! I am like: ISn't it enough restaurant/Bakery around the Louvre that the visitors can go and get their meal before entering the pyramid. I guess not. However they claim that the "food Court" will be OUTSIDE of the museum, so no fears of Ketchup hitting the Mona Lisa I guess!! ;-)

Andrea said...

Pa-th-etic! That is sad to hear. Class meets no class.